Music / December 16, 2020

You can now watch Ireland Music Week on the RTÉ Player

Photo: Sarah Doyle
Music / December 16, 2020

You can now watch Ireland Music Week on the RTÉ Player

Words: Katie Gartland

This year’s Ireland Music Week was one for the ages, featuring the likes of CMAT, Denise Chaila and Nealo.

2020’s Ireland Music Week is now streaming on the RTÉ Player. The performances, which took place in October, feature over forty-five Irish artists. The gigs span across four episodes on the national streaming service.

Thanks to Culture Ireland and the Arts Council, who sponsor Ireland Music Week, you can watch performances by your favourite Irish artists on the Player. Four episodes featuring CMAT, Denise Chaila, God Knows and Nealo and many more can be accessed on RTÉ’s website. The episodes are available to watch from today to mid-January.

Ireland Music Week tweeted earlier today to announce the good news. They included a list of the many extremely talented artists featured in the episodes:

Irish Music Week aims to showcase up and coming Irish artists. They’ve been supporting Irish musicians for 18 years since their establishment in 2003. This year’s performances were filmed in the heart of Dublin, in the venue Lost Lane.

Speaking about the event, Irish Music Week’s Director Angela Dorgan said, “Our strategic goal remains the same with the event moving online: showcasing export-ready Irish talent to the best of national and international industry.

“Ireland Music Week is an essential event in an artists’ development and profile of the music industry in Ireland. It has been a challenge to maintain it in the calendar for 2020, but we feel we have come up with an exciting alternative to the real event.

“The main aim is to allow both industry and fans here and abroad to witness the next crop of Irish talent. The showcases and robust and busy conference schedule we are working towards online will maintain Irish Music Week’s essential presence as a key international facing showcase event.”

Watch 2020’s Irish Music Week here.