25 Of Our Favourite Irish Tracks Of 2024 So Far

Words: Dray Morgan

Photo: Evan Cahill

We’re halfway through the year and there’s a serious conversation to be had about this being the best year for Irish music in recent history. Not only the quality of sound but the diversity of work has blown us away. Here is by no means a comprehensive list of some of our favourite singles that have come out of Ireland in the first half of 2024.

Sloucho & Rory Sweeney

Come Around

Starting off with SLOUCHO who featured on our Future Of Irish Music roster and dropped one of our favourite albums this year. We want to say SLOUCHO exceeded expectations, but our expectations were sky high. Come Around sums up a perfectly crafted debut album. With the hand of Rory Sweeney blessing the track with basslines, this spacey, hard hitting single has to be in the list.



We don’t throw the word “groove” around much but brawni’s masterclass on production give a certain cacophonic order to ‘Aye’. Just as you’ve come to feel at home in a phase of the song, we’re flung into a sonic washing machine and spat out. Sprinkles of Aphex Twin influence can be heard, as well as more electronic elements we see on the continent.



Bricknasty have become the jewel in the crown for Ireland’s blossoming band landscape. Every track from the debut ‘INA CRUELER’, takes us on a silky yet slightly distressing journey. Masked by the beauty of jazz, soul, funk and rock, the band’s subject matters can be beautifully dark.

Julia Louise Knifefist

Black Magic



What a year for Jobstown’s Curtisy. Dropping his debut album “What Was The Question” and seeing the metrics reflect his quality. One of the most effortless lyricists this country has, with bars on this track that leaves you scratching your head for a second. Our mouths are already watering for the next project.

TraviS & Elzzz


TraviS and Elzzz are a landmark duo who have definitely cemented themselves in the Irish music hall of fame. It’s really been their year also, garnering the first Irish hip hop number one ever. Blockbuster in itself transcended Ireland and sent waves throughout the metaverse. Nothing brings us more joy than seeing an American’s jaw drop when they hear these lads.



When F3mii hops on a track, be prepared to float. An angelic voice with an aesthetic to match. F3miii’s recent singles have maintained his vocal prowess in a playful manner. Jumping into the reverb-heavy, heavenly world of his music is such a treat with ‘LOSTWITHOUTMARIA’ showing exactly this.



As you can see on this list so far, a new generation of Irish artists are not only emerging but seriously holding their own on an international stage. NewDad’s ‘Nightmares’ comes from their project MADRA a somewhat dark, mystical record that is punctuated by shoegazey guitar and resonant vocals. However, it’s been nothing like a Nightmare for the group, building an empire of NewChildren seemingly wherever they go.

Chubby Cat

100 Miles an Hour

If you’re looking for an emotional rollercoaster then this is the one. Chubby Cat takes us on a journey, rising with the fast-paced drums and vocals and then cascading with the aggressive guitars which burst in. The song feels like a combination of the passion and sensitivity from their other singles.


ehnova, Bogzy, Rem$, Al.I, ZUCO, Don Django

The art of the cypher can be a tricky one to nail down. Maybe this reason is why we don’t see three or more rappers going back to back on tracks as much as we used to. Elm Street Cypher stays true to its name. Thematically dark, each artist holds their own and makes for one of our favourite tracks of the year.

p o n d 20mg & DJmegan23

silk road

Is sillycore a thing? If so, some of p o n d 20mg’s music may fit into this category. Elements of chiptune, hyperpop and classic electronic dance give this track an 8-bit dance feel. We’ve always got time for glitchy sample chopping and even more so when you can dance to it.


Want You Back

Cosha’s return to the spotlight is a beautiful thing to see. Previously under the name Bonzai, Cosha’s metamorphosis into the artist she is today is encapsulated in her newest project MurMurs and especially the track Want You Back. Like honey tea when you have a sore throat, this track just heals.

Rory Sweeney, Emby & Keanue The Pilot

Pull Up

Rory Sweeney brought together enough Irish names on his project ‘Carlos Danger Presents: Irish Hash Mafia’, us hip hop nerds almost went into a coma. Despite the album having no skips, we’ve tended to linger over Pull Up more. First you get hit with an eastern-inspired backing which is slowly layered on by Belfast’s Emby. After being on the receiving end of Emby, Keanu The Pilot comes in with a verse which may be one of the hardest of the year.

D*mp & Pippa Moloney


Put D*mp’s music on in public and you’ll get silence. Not negative silence though, his production has the power to draw people in. We saw Pippa’s display of ambient vocals in her single ‘Angels’ and paired with D*mp on ‘ROTTERDAM’ is a match made in heaven. We’re still getting chills to this one.



Another Future Of Irish Music alumni whose momentum has nothing short of increased since graduating from our class on 2023. DeCarteret’s fluid cadence, makes you feel like you’re graceful falling through this track. And when those vocal riffs come in, be ready.



Limerence is defined as a state of mind which results from extreme romantic feelings for another person. Well if you could experience limerence with a song then this is it. Shiv has a voice which could hold up the world on its own, here the glossy instrumentals add a foundation for which one of the nation’s best voices can shine.

Saoirse Miller


Nobody does introspection, catharsis and ambience quite like Saoirse Miller. This is one of those tracks that have you pondering life after you’ve listened to it. A mixture of vocal distortion, instrumental layering and spoken word, we’re really asking to find a miss in her catalogue.

Papa Romeo

World of Pain

A slightly leftfield pick here from jazz group Papa Romeo. The five-piece reflects a new appreciation for jazz which seems to be spearheaded by the likes of Kamasi Washington, Kamaal Williams and others. This is the perfect track to ride your bike through Phoenix Park in the summer to.

Ezra Williams

Quick Fix

‘Quick Fix’ comes as an airy first single from Ezra’s most recent EP ‘Socks’. Ezra is amazing at making ballads and on this record they flow so effortlessly from track to track.

Pat Lagoon & Hanna Malone


Did someone say Pharrell? Pat Lagoon came through with a class of artist which may have been many Irish people’s first encounter with Irish hip-hop. Seeing the growth until now has been a pleasure. ‘IMPOSTER’.



EFÉ fans were starving for some new music as she hadn’t dropped since 2022. The bedroom pop, fuzzy aesthetic remained, unapologetically combined with shoe gaze guitars and a dash of early 2000s energy. We’re looking forward to more.

daisy chains



Adore Adore Adore

Alongside the likes of NewDad, SPRINTS are another example of the global invasion by Irish bands. Their album ‘Letter to Self’ garnered massive critial acclaim. You get almost no breaks on the project. The guitar-heavy instrumentals collide with Karla’s vocals in an exceedingly powerful way.


London Lido

‘PHANTOM OF THE AFTERS’ stole the Irish public’s heart last year when it dropped. The additions on the deluxe version not only added to the quality of the tracks but also deepened the narrative of the project. ‘London Lido’ is An aggressive track which slots seamlessly into the middle of the album’s tracklist.

Stella and the Dreaming

The First Time

“If I tell you I’m in love, will it be enough” is enough to send us crying into our pillow. Stella’s soft vocals can feel like a feather tickling you ear at some times. Such a tranquil single yet brimming with so much emotion.