An Artist Spotlight on Ireland’s Most International Woman this IWD

On International Women’s Day, it’s important to shine a light on women spreading creativity and joy around the world. Tasking ourselves with finding the most international women, we spoke to one Irish designer in the Pacific ocean sending passion, love and drawings of Nadine Coyle back to Ireland with the help of An Post.

Donegal native Megan Wright has been splitting her time between Ireland and the Galapagos Islands near South America since 2022. Between her travels, Megan also runs Design Wright, a company that started as a “Covid project” four years ago and has now become the company behind the art on your favourite tote bags and stickers.

From her “Gobshite” Guinness t-shirt and accessories to her “Get in loser, we’re ageing rapidly” print, Megan has used her talent to capture the experience of the twenty-something Irish.

There’s nothing better than finding that package you’ve been waiting for on your doorstep, or a surprise letter from a loved one through the post box. But when you’re splitting your time between Donegal Town and an island in the Pacific Ocean, how do you run a successful business by yourself? We sat down with Megan to talk about finding her inspiration, supporting women and relying on those back home to get her incredible designs delivered.

I love how so many of your designs centre around female experiences, and blend humour and playfulness with the discussion of serious issues – can you tell me a little more about the creative process here?

A lot of my designs are traditionally quite girly, but I’ve been trying to blend some humour with the expectations that are set upon women recently. I feel like there was a phase where we were expected to be girl bosses and expected to have everything and juggle everything, but recently, it’s like we’ve allowed ourselves to say, “I’m just doing my best and getting through the day one coffee and sweet treat at a time”.

I was actually listening to a podcast recently featuring the wonderful Irish author Marian Keyes and she said something which I wrote down because I found it quite inspiring. 

She said, “We’re all just flawed human beings staggering around in the fog and doing our best”. That made me think a lot about how we’re supposed to act like we have a hold on everything. When really it’s okay not to know what you’re doing.

I’m obsessed with your vinyl stickers, particularly the “gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss” St Bridget’s cross – can you tell me a little bit more about designing them?

My most popular item, which I’m hoping to restock in May when I’m back in Ireland, is definitely vinyl stickers. I’ve been trying to carry them with me when I travel and I like to leave a few behind wherever I go.

You’re based in such a remote from area, The Galapagos Islands. How do you manage running your own business while you’re on the go, particularly deliveries?

I’ve been really lucky in Donegal that I built up a good relationship with my local post office because I’ve had to spend a lot of time there sending off orders. A fun fact about the Galapagos is that there is no national post system.

So I feel pretty grateful that I’m able to continue running things from [the Galapagos] because all I need to do is email my designs that need printing to my local printers, Cavern Design, who happened to be based upstairs from An Post in Donegal! So they print off what I need and they pop downstairs and they send it off for me and An Post takes care of the rest.

Do you miss An Post in Donegal? Can you tell me a bit more about your relationship with An Post?

Coming up to busy times of the year like Christmas, Mother’s Day, An Post have been super helpful to me. They figured out a system there and when I come in with loads of packages, they know exactly what to do. Elizabeth splits everything up into weight-based piles and we get everything sent out as quickly as possible. They really are brilliant.

An Post is definitely known for getting deliveries out, even when stuck with a vague address in the middle of Ireland.

I once received post that was addressed to “Design Wright, Donegal” and that was it. Of course, An Post still got it to me.

On a personal level, is there a woman in your life you’d want to send a card to this International Women’s Day? What would you say?

If I could send a card to someone this International Women’s Day, I would send one to my little sister because I miss her a lot – I’ve been away now for a while and I’m really excited to see her again.

And I miss being able to send post!

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