5 best-looking things to eat in Dublin this week: 01/03/22

Words: Shamim de Brún
Pictures: Instagram
Artwork: Paul Smith

We have collected some of the most delectable foods being sold in Dublin right now and compiled them into an extensive ol’ list. So here are five things in Dublin this week that we like the look of:


Double-baked almond croissant – Medialuna Croissanterie

This looks like a stunningly perfect croissant with honeycomb layers of buttery goodness. The golden exterior looks perfectly crisp and yet, at the same time, like it would melt in your mouth. Almond croissants are a particular pleasure. They’re all the joy of croissants with extra sugar syrup, powdered sugar, flaked almonds, and frangipane filling. Frangipane is a sweet filling made from ground almonds, butter, eggs and sugar that is a genuinely heavenly creation. This particular almond croissant looks like it was sent to bring joy to the world.


Kale, potato and onion Bhajji at Tiffin


This kale, potato and onion Bhajji starter looks phenomenal. No other member of the fritter family can best the bhaji. It threads the line of perfectly crisp but not too dry and yet still full of flavour exceptionally well. These particular ones appear almost ethereally light and addictively crisp. It’s as if you can smell the scrumptiousness from this picture. Definitely, a must munch this week.


Vegan menina – Wig Wam

A refreshing change from falafel this vegan sandwich looks like butter wouldn’t melt. Made up of crispy toasted sourdough, tenderly marinated vegetables and crunchy greens this sandwich appears as though it has everything you could possibly want of a lunchtime. By which we mean hearty, healthy, and decadent all at the same time.


Pancakes – Fable and Stey

 Obviously, with Pancake Tuesday being this week we’re all geared up for some quality pancake time. Well, these here pancakes look exceptional. They’re vanilla pancakes with roasted spiced apples, fresh blackberries, and mascarpone cream with a salted caramel and rum sauce. If it tastes half as good as it sounds or looks then we are on to a winner.


Pulled Pork Bahn-Mi – Provender

Pulled pork had a moment where it went hard but then fell into almost obscurity. But here it is hanging out at Dublin 8’s most endearing spots. And it’s looking well might I add. So well it’s worth walking out of your way to try it all wrapped up in this Vietnamese style Bahn-Mi. The crusty bread smeared with mayo, the pulled pork itself, pickled vegetables, green onion, coriander, a mighty wack of fresh chillies and a drizzle of seasoning looks like it would light up even the darkest March day.