Last-minute Easter Eggs That Look Like You Didn’t Almost Forget

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

There is something inherently wrong about having to buy your own easter egg. It’s like ordering your own birthday cake. It feels like someone else should be doing it for you. This is so entrenched in us that when you’re in that weird middle ground of life where if your parents won’t buy you an egg, you don’t get one. And that is no fun at all.

So this year, defeat the cycle. Shop these 11th-hour eggs ahead of the bank holiday and bring joy to your damn self or a loved one with a tasty as fugg chocolate egg. Surprise someone with a cup of tea and an easter egg, and you will be their favourite person.

Here are 5 top choices that look like this was a plan all along.


Guinness Egg

If you’re looking for an Easter egg that’s both delicious and gimmicky, look no further than the Guinness Easter egg. It’s like someone took all of our dreams and mashed them together into one glorious creation. Imagine the photo opp. Crack open a creamy boi and serve it with a mini chocolate version. It’s the ultimate Easter egg for the Grogan’s adoring crowd, which is literally half the city. You can literally pick it up everywhere, it kicks off around seventeen euros, but I’ve seen it hit twenty-five in some places. This is a bit spenny for an easter egg when you can get token ones for two quid but just look at the tiny pints. They’re too adorable not to.


Hazel Mountain Chocolate

Hazel Mountain Chocolate is a Wild Atlantic Way dahling with locations in both Clare and Galway. They win chocolate awards like it was their lives purpose and even make Nigella Lawson weak at the knees. Apparently, she “swooned” over their hot chocolate. They go all in on the local, sustainable, natural ingredients. Each individual Easter egg is hand-painted using plant-based coloured cacao butter, adding a layer of chocolate to the chocolate, and good baby Hay-Zeus they taste all the chocolaty-er for it.


Arcane Chocolate

Arcane Chocolate’s are a standout collection of six luxury Easter with a whimsical flair. They are more on the spenny end of the luxury spectrum than any of my other choices because they use hundred per cent sustainably sourced chocolate. The prized pig of the collection is the sixty-nine euro dark chocolate ditty they have dubbed ‘Noir’. This bad boy is sprinkled with caramelised hazelnut and wafer pieces and combines luxe cacao with exclusive Piedmontese hazelnuts. It’s even encrusted with 21-carat gold leaf. It’s fully sold out online, but as of today is still available in Fallon & Byrne and Forest Avenue.



Aldi is not just home of German and Belgian chocolate eggs. They have invested in local chocolatiers and their wide selection of Easter eggs includes Áine’s Premium Dark Chocolate Egg for a tenner and the above Róisín’s Irish Honeycomb Easter Egg, coming it at just eight euros. Not bad for an Irish-made product. Plus, they taste damn good.



Listen, we all know Grá Chocolates by reputation, of course. Grainne Mullins has established herself as a powerhouse in the chocolate world, even being named one of Forbes 30 under 30. Each chocolate takes three whole days to create, and moulds are hand polished to ensure a glossy, luxurious sheen even before any of the colourful hand-painted decorations have been added. 

Made with only the best Irish cream and butter, these bad boys are so swank that you can get them on the top floor of Brown Thomas. Their filled options, particularly the salted caramel, are deity-tier covetable. Get your hands on one if you can. They kick off at twenty-five.

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