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The Garlic Dip Guide’s top 10 dips in Dublin

Words: Emily Mullen ft. the Garlic Dip Guide

Rescuer of dry pizza slices, savour of shrivelled chips, we owe an awful lot to the humble garlic dip. But one man has set about elevating the condiment one Instagram post at a time, through his reviews the Garlic Dip Guide is placing garlic dip into an area that it truly deserves to embody; culinary glory.

For too long have garlic dips lain in the shadows, overlooked and obscured by other more vibrant and colourful condiments. One man with an Instagram account has taken it upon himself to carry the dip out of the shadows, set it centre stage and allow it the space to be properly appreciated. Answering the rallying cry of thousands of dip lovers, the Garlic Dip Guide has taken it upon himself to throw himself into each and every dip the city has to offer. Sacrificing his weekends and his waistline, the Garlic Dip Guide is ceaseless in his quest to highlight the finest dips of the city. The concept is one that he had thought about for quite some time, born during lunch breaks when himself and his coworker were stuffing their faces with garlic dip. Beginning as a “lockdown pass time” in February 2021 is when he finally bit the proverbial bullet, launching the Instagram page that posts a couple of reviews each week, the page is slowly growing with time.

The Garlic Dip Guide has developed a set of methodology when he is reviewing a dip; consistency, taste and the distribution of flavour. For tastings, he has found the pizza crust to be the superior vehicle for garlic sauce, with chips, chicken tenders and breadsticks also working well. Through his findings, Garlic Dip Guide has said that a more superior dip comes from restaurants and takeaways, with “healthy places” and more mass-produced dips not cutting much mustard for him. Without further adieu, here’s the Garlic Dip shaman’s list of the top ten garlic dips in Dublin:


Forge Wood Fired Pizza

Location: Windy Arbour, Dundrum

Rating: 7.5/10

Price: €1.50

“Wood-fired pizza is dominating the takeout industry and it looks like the standard Domino’s and Pizza Hut’s are losing their power. Forge’s roast garlic & herb dip was very creamy and rich but lacking a bit in strength for me. Regardless, it’s still a damn good dip and their pizza was voted the best in Dublin by fifisfoodblogdublin. I’d recommend getting the Gary William pizza which is what I had pictured below, it contains honey, nduja & scamorza and it was unreal. It’s always good to pair some spice with a cool garlic dip.”


The Vanilla Pod Eatery

Location: The Iveagh Mall, Carrickmines

Rating: 8/10

Price: 50c

“This may be one of the best looking garlic dip’s I’ve ever seen. It has both looks and personality. I was pleasantly surprised that a place that is famous for its amazing breakfast/brunch combos can also supply a high-quality garlic dip. The strength is great and it seems they’ve come at it from a different angle as it looks and tastes like a garlic hummus but slightly thicker. The strength isn’t so strong that you can’t taste anything else but it definitely makes you aware of its presence. A few of you have told me to try this dip so thank you to all of you and keep sending those recommendations in! It’s only 50c too which besides the free ones, is the cheapest I’ve seen so far.”


Base Wood Fired Pizza

Location: Stillorgan Shopping Centre, Stillorgan

Rating: 8/10

Price: €1.50

“Base is known for being the GOAT pizza in Dublin and their garlic dip certainly helps their reputation. The consistency is light and they’ve almost found the perfect strength but the garlic taste leaves your mouth seconds after having it. The hardcore garlic dip lovers may crave a thicker and stronger dip but there’s no doubt this dip is one of the best around. Light, smooth and fresh, this dip is an easy choice for all garlic dip fans. It comes with all sides and you can buy it separately for €1.50.”



Availability: Supervalu and Centra stores

Rating: 8.5/10

Price: €2.50 (for a bottle)

“Who knew Abrakebabra had this hidden gem all along? The consistency is almost perfect as it is a thick and smooth sauce that is easy to scoop up. It’s not too sweet or tangy, it doesn’t overpower your whole mouth and yet the garlic taste hangs around just enough for you to savour it. I’ve been told to hit up more kebab spots for good garlic dip as they bring a new direction to the flavour. Perhaps Eddie Rockets and Abrakebabra have secretly shared their recipe in Donnybrook… Maybe their bottled sauce is slightly different to their one in store but I’ll have to confirm when I return for a kebab. It costs €2.50 for a 270ml bottle.”


Tiger Wood Fire Pizza

Location: The Laurkur House, Deansgrange

Rating: 8.5/10

Price: €1.45

“Ok, ok so I know I’ve been generous with the eight rating’s lately but there’s no denying that Tiger belongs in the eighth bracket. It’s thick, creamy and the garlic is mild enough that it doesn’t destroy your breath but also packs that garlic flavour in. I know the conception is that chipper dips are better than pizzeria dips but honestly it looks like the pizzerias are leading the pack. The dip is €1.45 too which is great for takeaway prices.”



Location: Monkstown Cresent, Blackrock

Rating: 8.5/10

“Boy do the Italians know their stuff when it comes to garlic. The strength was exactly what you want from a dip, not too strong to burn your mouth but not so weak that it may as well have just been normal mayo. It’s texture was so thick and creamy that when you lift your chip it doesn’t drip off, the dip stays intact like chocolate on a strawberry. This could be a nine but I feel like Cinnamon and C.Aprile just blew me away and while Attico was so close to their level it’s just slightly under. I think this dip was also free? I couldn’t find a price for it on their menu is online and I can’t remember what the receipt said. If it is, you’ve no excuse to try this bad boy out.”


Fired Up Pizza

Location: The Goat, Goatstown

Rating: 8.5/10

Price: €1.50

“Yes that is Clonakilty black pudding on a pizza and yes this dip is class. A lot of people have told me to check out Fired Up Pizza’s garlic dip the past few months and after tasting it I definitely wish I went sooner. This dip comes in a massive tub and is smooth, creamy with a great garlic taste and surprisingly a good strength. Not that it needs to be said either but their wood-fired pizza is unreal too. I’ll definitely be going back for some more dip. It’s €1.50 for a great sized dip.”



Location: The Crescent, Monkstown

Rating: 9/10

Price: 50c

“I didn’t even know Cinnamon did garlic dip as it wouldn’t be a common breakfast or lunch delicacy but I am pleasantly surprised. This dip was unreal and even smells amazing. It’s so thick and resembles a garlic butter more so than a garlic mayo. It’s light and has the perfect strength in my opinion. I’m giving this a nine as this is just pure class and so unique. I paired it with sweet potato fries which is always a great combo. I’ll definitely be getting this again and I think it was only 50c.”


Eddie Rockets

Availability: Supervalu stores

Rating: 9/10

“This may seem strange that I gave Eddie Rockets bottle a nine since I gave their dip from the diner a seven but the one in the bottle is just infinitely better. It’s much thicker and even has a darker colour than the one you get when your inside. It’s not the strongest dip out there but there’s no denying it’s still unreal. You could easily finish the whole bottle in a few days if you like to double dunk in garlic dip. It tastes very similar to the Abrakebabra but you can still taste a subtle difference between the two. I’m glad they’ve finally started selling the garlic sauce on its own and I think more restaurants should follow (if they do a good dip that is). This dip was chosen as the best dip in Dublin by The Daily Edge in 2016 and the 10th best dip by Lovindublin in 2016 so it’s clearly a fan favourite.”



Location: Coast Road, Malahide

Rating: 9.5/10

Price: €1.00

“Ladies and gentleman, I bring you the best garlic dip I’ve had so far: Griolladh’s electric pink garlic dip. This dip is just an absolute god. Perfect consistency, texture, strength and balance of flavours. And to top it all off, it’s pink as well! The colour does not change the taste at all so I think it must just be food colouring as I didn’t taste anything different in the dip. It’s no surprise why Griolladh are so successful and have multiple locations all around Ireland. Dipping a toastie in this dip is pure heaven and next time I’ll be getting the garlic dip in the toastie as well. If you value your love for garlic dip then you have to try this dip asap! It’s going to be tough for anyone trying to knock this heavyweight off the top spot.”


The Garlic Dip Guide would like to point out that he is still at the beginning of his quest to find the city’s best garlic dip that is 10/10 dippy, follow him on Instagram and Twitter and follow their ongoing quest.

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