5 Artists Who Are A Must-See At Forbidden Fruit

Words: Dray Morgan

As the grand stretch only increases, Forbidden Fruit is providing us even more reasons to be excited for June. There’s nothing better than a pint in the sun and some quality music to compliment it. This year with such a variety of talent, there’s serious grounds for this being one of the most highly anticipated festivals on the calendar. From DJs to rappers to unique experiences, Fruit is the place to have it all. For some acts, this will be their first performances in Ireland or even the first festival cycles of their careers. For others, they’re weathered veterans at stealing the stage. It’s harder to give reasons not to attend.


Yung Singh

Yung Singh is coming to town. The Indian-British DJ has been gaining serious momentum,  he’s just wrapped up a Radio 1 residency and is still glowing from his top tier Boiler Room set. Mixing hip hop with jungle and sprinkling in some Punjabi elements, this promises to be one of the weekend’s most original sets.



Australia-born Surusinghe is ensuring those who want hard basslines, acidic and electronic music are completely satisfied. Amalgamating various genres, her high paced sets are sure to be one of a kind over the weekend. This is her first time on Irish soil, bringing sounds from down under with her.


Aby Coulibaly

Every year, Forbidden Fruit provides a stage to some of the most exciting Irish artists. Last year we saw brilliant homegrown acts such as Efé, Gemma Dunleavy and Khakikid so this year might be the time to discover some local talents. On the June bank holiday weekend, Aby Coulibaly will be performing her most recent single ‘Patience’ which has only built on her impressive career progression. She truly represents a new generation of Irish artists with international appeal.



Currently the golden boy of alternative UK rap, Knucks can do no wrong. He’s only built on his successes from tracks like ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’ with his debut album Alpha Place and singles ‘Alpha House’ and ‘Nice & Good’. He contributes up a backbone of UK hip hop acts that run through the centre of Forbidden Fruit this year. Knucks’ tracks usually immerse you in a laid back world, however, make no mistake his live shows bring energy.


Sudan Archives

Fruit has chosen some top class acts which are perfect for feeling yourself on a summer day. Particularly, Sudan Archives is assured to have crowds bumping. She has a God-given talent for soul and R&B, using beautiful vocals to sculpt music you just can’t sit still to. Distinctive, unapologetic sounds sure to give an unforgettable performance.

Forbidden Fruit takes place on the Royal Kilmainham Hospital grounds on 3-4 June.

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