Premiere: No Hesitation, a film guided by instinct

Directed: Rosie Barrett
Starring: Ghaliah Conroy
Music: To The Fields
Cinematography: Albert Hooi
Editor: Rosie Barrett
Choreography: Ghaliah Conroy
Colourist: Leandro Arouca
at Element Post-production
VFX: Colm Moore
Title Design: Archie Heaslip

Words: Dylan Murphy

We are delighted to premiere this stunning short directed by Rosie Barrett. Featuring choreography from Ghaliah Conroy and an eery soundscape composed by To The Fields, it speaks to the freedom of uninhibited creativity and to our yearning for post-lockdown freedom.

In a year littered with uncertainty, a cohort of Irish creatives have come together to create a short film celebrating the freedom of movement. No Hesitation sources organic connectivity in a time where we need it most allowing instinct to guide its rhythm.

Shot in the beautiful outskirts of Greystones in Wicklow, No Hesitation sees the restricted movements and interrupted routines of 2020 melt away as choreographer and dancer Ghaliah Conroy performs an uninhibited routine. The performance is bolstered by an original soundtrack composed in reaction to Ghaliah’s performance by To The Fields, a project by Rachael Lavelle and Denis O’Connor (AKA Odd Ned).

Directed by Rosie Barrett, the short is the coming together of artists from different disciplines with the intention to break free from creative blocks imposed by a difficult year.

Speaking on the project Rosie explained, “I had been wanting to create a film in the dance realm for some time. I dreamt this idea up at the start of lockdown when I was feeling quite stuck creatively as all my projects had come to a halt.”

Ghaliah Conroy in No Hesitation.

After becoming enchanted by Ghaliah’s organic approach they discussed working together.

“I thought it would be lovely to film her wearing her own clothes but bring her into a vast open space with no restrictions. I wanted the film to feel quite eerie but also magical at the same time.”

Excited at the prospect of the collaboration, Ghalilah agreed. “I’m so used to dancing in a room full of people and of course that all changed over the last months”, she explained.

“Instead of being pissed off about it, I tried to find the solace in dancing alone. I tend not to focus so much on the actual moves but on the feeling. I found comfort and connection within myself, which was really refreshing.”

Though the piece consists of a perfect blend of different mediums, it wasn’t born out of a rigid or planned idea, but rather a desire to allow an uninhibited approach.

“It was a very freeing and relaxed project that came together very organically. Sometimes the best work comes from not overthinking or over-planning and just seeing where it ends up. Luckily for me, a very talented group of people got involved and a wonderful project evolved from the process”, Rosie explained.

Throughout the video, a storm brews above the vacant fields as Ghaliah’s limbs slice through the natural breeze. The eery vocal contributions contribute to a foreboding feeling, but ultimately the words speak to letting go.

Ghaliah Conroy in No Hesitation.

Made in response to the video, Rachael Lavelle and Denis O’Connor AKA To The Fields collaborated on the soundscape. Rachael said, “We had the track on loop and chatted about the sounds we wanted to create that would mirror Ghaliah’s movements and the vast setting. We ended up choosing metallic sounds, samurai swords and focusing on the breath. With the words, I wanted them to be about surrendering to things that are beyond our control – I’m on the holy spirit…”

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