Sam Greenwood on the music that soundtracked his club experience

Hollows & Fentimans teamed up with four of the country’s leading DJs for a unique live stream to celebrate the venues that brought us together in the absence of club nights.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Bodytonic venues have come to shape youth culture and nightlife in Dublin in recent years. Hosting some of the most impressive DJs in the world whilst championing homegrown talent in the city centre The Twisted Pepper and now Wigwam have been a lynchpin in some of the most memorable night’s in the capital’s collective psyche.

To celebrate their impact whilst we wait on WigWam’s full return R.kitt, Sam Greenwood, Kelly Doherty aka Gadget & The Cloud and George Feely provided nostalgic mixes that nodded to their most memorable nights on the club’s dance floor.

Recorded straight from WigWam, the four acts’ 45 minute servings played out like optimistic photo books, providing a window into their formative nights in the venue whilst also creating a sense of anticipation for its return.

Sam Greenwood has a long affiliation with WigWam and he spoke to us about the tracks that soundtracked his experiences there.


Florian Kupfer – Feelin

Florian Kupfer was one of the first acts we booked for the basement in Twisted Pepper, and was probably the most memorable show to date, for many, many reasons. 


Delano Smith – Wires

A regular visitor to Dublin during the Twisted Pepper era. When I moved to Ireland a lot of Irish producers would be playing this track and this sound at the time. This track would set the tone for a deep night of house music.


Palms Trax – Sumo Acid Crew

This track is just so bloody cool. It would have been impossible not to include it when thinking back on that time.


Tevo Howard – Move

One of my favourite house records and a regular visitor to Dublin with Subject in various venues about the city. 


ItaloJohnson – 08A1

Another act we booked for Twisted Pepper. I’m still sick I missed the show to this day, hence why this track had to be included.


Butch – No Worries

No Worries is a track for Dublin, it can’t be singled out to Twisted Pepper as it had memories in pretty much every venue at the time and was a staple across the scene.


Bicep – Mixxmaster 88

This track, the basement. Enough said.


Kerri Candler – Rain

You can’t not have a Kerri track in any mix! His sets in Twisted Pepper have always been a highlight of the year. 


Joy Orbison – Elipsis

This track has memories of the Twisted Pepper area. I worked in retail briefly around the corner from Twisted Pepper, this track was in the work playlist and would be on at least 5 times a day without fail and would drive us all absolutely mad, yet I’d be In Wigwam 6 hours later and it would come on and become a completely different track with different meaning and enjoyment. 


Benjamin Damage – 010x

Benjamin Damage played a legendary live set upstairs in Twisted Pepper for us, where he brought what felt like his whole studio to Dublin, it was incredible. This track is from that era and pretty much the reason we booked him to come and play with us.


DVS1 – Black Russian

Launched on Ben Klock’s Klockworks label, this track is simply an anthem and still is to this day.


Nathan Jones – From Ten To Zero

Dublin producer and friend of the scene, this tune was huge when it came out and gathered massive support from every Irish DJ. It was played religiously at every Dublin techno show I can remember back in the day. 


FJAAK – Don’t Leave Me

It’s a 50Weapons anthem that helped cement FJAAK’s name within the scene, which still stands the test of time. 

Watch Sam’s full set below:

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