Silent Ghost is reinventing his world through interpretative dance on ‘Introduction’

Words: Dylan Murphy
Photo: Dan Butler

We have the exclusive premiere of Dublin producer Silent Ghost’s debut music video. It features a reworking of a track from his debut EP and a powerful improvised interpretation of the record.

Primarily, Silent Ghost cut his teeth in the capital’s busy music scene as a producer and sound engineer. However, this year Dublin the based artist has come out from behind the boards.

Having crafted records for the likes of Marcus Woods and Bobby Basil, Ghost has now delved into his own solo work. Following the release of his debut EP Post. Sex. Romance. he’s provided visual treatment for the project’s opening track.

Additionally, he’s created a new score based on the original ‘Introduction‘, teaming up with director Paul Lucaci a.k.a Dublin.fx and contemporary dancer Angel Harte. As a result, they’ve created a compelling improvised interpretation of the music.

While the EP highlighted his penchant for developing engrossing soundscapes, the offering demonstrates his desire to reinvent his sound and explore other mediums of expression.

Watch the video for ‘Introduction’ below: