Feature / April 2, 2021

Top 10 Tracks: Crystal Murray, Poté & Leo Bhanji 2/4/21

Welcome to ‘Top 10 Tracks’, the essential weekly round-up of the best new music.

Welcome to ‘Top 10 Tracks’, the essential weekly round-up of the best new music.

At the end of each week, we count down the ten essential new tracks you need in your rotation. Ranging from rappers in the Emerald Isle to boundary-pushing, experimental producers and everything in between, it’s all hits, no filler.

This week sees a secretive and colossal collaborative effort from America’s favourite boyband, a top-three entry for a producer that loves going off-piste and an infectious cut from the Bay Area’s next breakthrough rap crew.



Though not listed, the features on BROCKHAMPTON’s ‘COUNT ON ME’ are stacked.

Opening with a verse from A$AP Rocky and featuring vocals from Shawn Mendes, Ryan Beatty, it showcases a deft touch and the pop-leaning songwriting that listeners became familiar with on Ginger.



Chiiild Awake Feat. Mahalia

Dripping in silky lyricism and shadowy percussion, Chiiild’s latest record with Mahalia is Irish goodbying the dry dinner party for a more sensual evening.



Adam Garrett Casual (MYFAULT remix)

MYFAULT breathes new life into Adam Garrett’s ‘Casual’ with a sun kissed remix.

In the absence of the world’s favourite masked duo, the Irish producer has gifted us with an infectious summer hit.

Click here to purchase on Bandcamp.



Sad Night Dynamite Killshot (DJ Seinfeld remix)

Glastonbury duo Sad Night Dynamite have opened the porthole to their dark and naturalistic universe and extended an invitation to DJ Seinfeld.

If Archie and Josh are the dark puppeteers of their world then the Swedish producer was given the keys to the capital with his spacey reimagining of ‘Killshot’.



Crystal Murray CREEPS Feat. Elheist

Armed with a hypnotic pen-game and an ear for ominous sounds, Crystal Murray is reclaiming alienating phrases on ‘CREEPS’. 

Laced with foreboding motifs throughout there’s an air of mystery to the songwriting that pulls you into the fledgling artist’s smokey universe.



Leo Bhanji Raw

Leo Bhanji’s downcast ruminations on ‘Raw’ are set to soundtrack every main character’s coming-of-age heart break this summer.

The pensive synths and repetitive self-examination captures the intoxicating feeling of getting lost in the what ifs.



AG Club A Bitch Curious Feat. Sam Truth

Peaking our interest with their raging west coast energy, Bay Area’s AG Club have strong-armed their way onto the top of party playlists with their freewheeling brand of rap.

Though never easily pinned down, part one of their album Fuck Your Expectations dropped today and staying true to the title. ‘A Bitch Curious’ ripped up the rule book for what we anticipated from the crew. The alien beat switch mid song adds their own sauce to a cut ready for the charts.



Topaz Jones D.I.A.L.

New York-based rapper Topaz Jones is shrugging off fake bravado in ‘D.I.A.L’.

Finding pockets between the contours of Alissia Benveniste’s glowing production, Jones’ penchant hopscotching between melodic deliveries and trigger happy spitting completes a dreamy cut.



Poté Young Lies Feat. Damon Albarn

Ahead of the release of his album A Tenuous Tale of Her, Poté joined forces with Damon Albarn.

The angelic backing vocals and heavenly chimes of ‘Young Lies’  threaten to douse the club in holy water.



Iglooghost Light Gutter Feat. LOLA

Seamus Rawles Malliag’s brain is a seemingly endless conveyor belt of imaginative ideas.

The London-based producer has shared his fourth studio album today and on ‘Light Gutter’ enlisted LOLA for an orchestral offering that swaps post-internet sirens for glittering classic movie soundtrack crescendos.


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