General News / June 2, 2017

17 moments we can’t wait for at Forbidden Fruit 2017

General News / June 2, 2017

17 moments we can’t wait for at Forbidden Fruit 2017

As Bulmers’ Forbidden Fruit rolls around this weekend, and seeing as in the aftermath of Life Festival we’re all looking for something to cling to, we’ve compiled a list of what we’re looking most forward to over the course of the three day festival in the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham. Get in.

Bon Iver’s Jam Session

News broke this week that members of Bon Iver and other performers programmed on the Forbidden Fruit 2017 line up would be performing under the alias PEOPLE MIXTAPE. Details as to who exactly will perform during the 40 minute jam session on the Outcider Stage remain elusive but given the caliber of artists playing the festival its already proving one of the most exciting additions to the weekend. Eager listeners will be drawn to the presence of prior collaborators The Staves as a more than likely edition to PEOPLE MIXTAPE but beyond this firm details are hard to come by. Alas, the Eaux Claires natives leave us with more questions than answers. We’ll get used to this soon…


When Orbital Play ‘Belfast’


Two brothers from Kent, or so the fable  goes, booked by an up and coming promoter (whose name is David Holmes) to play at Art College in 1990 were so taken aback by the city’s reception to them that a demo tape they brought with them, when finally released would simply get the title ‘Belfast’. The Hartnoll brothers had been concerned about the city’s reputation during The Troubles and instead were met by an exclave of ravers on a night the frequently refer to as one of their most memorable performances. Name a better way to close out Saturday night …we fucking dare you.


Giggs performing ‘No Long Talk’

Drake is the biggest personality in music. If you disagree you’re wrong – sorry Kanye. The fallout from Views From The Six had barely settled before he introduced the world to More Life. Opening the mixtape with Free Smoke you’d have easily forgiven Drizzy for continuing with the downtempo groove throughout. The vibe instantly changes one track later with the introduction of Peckham native Giggs in what is easily one of the stand out moments of the record. Want to get Kilmanham get hype? 8:30pm. Outcider Stage. Saturday. Mad ‘ting.


A Boiler Room announcer not ruining Motor City Drum Ensemble’s Lighthouse Stage Appearance


The infamous spin back during Danilo Plessow’s (aka MCDE) finale at a invite only party in London remains one of the hallmarks of classic Boiler Room moments. The track was Theo Parrish’s re-edit of Made in the USA’s ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’ and a hallmark of Plessnow’s ability to turn deep buried crate records into instant cult classics. We have absolutely no idea what MCDE has lined up for this weekend and that’s exactly how it should remain. Go with an open mind; we promise you if you could jump 6 months into the future, something you’ve never heard played before will be everywhere.


Face swapping at Aphex Twin and the feelings of unease that swiftly follow…

Aphex Twin arguably caused the biggest commotion when the festival’s line up was originally released. The Limerick born, Cornwall raised producer has crafted an impressive career appealing to large scale audiences while, apparently, managing to remain completely in the artistic fringes – not just musically, but visually. At Aphex’s 2011 appearance at Forbidden Fruit he wowed the crowd with his live visuals that mapped his warped “evil” face over revellers in the crowd, which were then blown up on the big screen… years before Snapchat and it’s gormless filters even existed.


Nicolas Jaar playing as good a set (if not better) than yesterday’s Boiler Room


The Chilean-American artist is one of the most prolific electronic musicians on the planet. He’s responsible for two critically acclaimed albums. He’s headed up two consistently reliable electronic labels. He’s scored films, written books, and even created an online radio station with 33 channels that only play music by himself. All this at 27.

Yesterday he performed at a Boiler Room in London that perfectly demonstrated that dance music doesn’t have to thump along repetitively and that revellers crave experimentation in sound. If we get something half as good as this set at Forbidden Fruit, we’ll be blessed.

DJ Deece Opening the Main Stage on Sunday


Dublin’s own Niall D’Arcy opens the Forbidden Fruit’s Original Stage Sunday evening. D’arcy, a resident for Hidden Agenda and Somewhere? has become a mainstay on Dublin’s nightlife through appearances at District 8 and the long running Deece Series. A big stage for a big name on the local scene. Good news all ‘round!


Danny L Harle bringing PC Music to Dublin


As far as we know, PC Music’s never been to Dublin (and we’re not counting the SOPHIE show in the Button Factory in 2017, because he’s not officially part of the PC crew). So a chance to hear the manic, supersized synth pop of HUGE Danny L Harle on the Saturday of Forbidden Fruit is PC Music to our ears.


Bulmers’ 100% Irish Stage

tara stewart

Staying local, one the more exciting additions to Forbidden Fruit this year was the curation of an ‘all Irish’ stage throughout the duration of the festival. The Bulmers Live Stage will see 19 Irish acts perform over the course of 3 days bringing a mix of grassroots hip hop, indie, electronic and DJ performances showcasing the strength of independent Irish music in 2017. Festivals in Ireland have generally been accommodating to local music, but have rarely curated them together is such a strong manner.
There’s nearly too many District favourites to name (someone on the Bulmers team is obviously a fan of ours…) but we’ll be getting down to Tara Stewart (above), Soulé,  Mango and Wastefellow for sure over the long weekend.


Marrying someone you met at Denis Sulta…


Ah yes, the pop-up church. You haven’t entered its scared and inflatable walls since Electric Picnic ’16. Stroll through in your worst clothes for a celebration of all things spontaneous. If impromptu congas and confetti are the real reason you spent a week’s wages on a 3 day ticket, then stay for Wedding Disco.


Disco Dodgems


Disco Dodgems host a line up adhering strictly to a curated playlist of Disco and Soul. Expect performances from Colin Perkins, Discotekken, Bodytonic, Donal Deneen, Cian O’ Connell, This Greedy Pig, Long Island Sound, Ross MacMahon, Arveene, Mel Donnellan and more guests that are yet to be announced. Sorted? Sorted!


Flying Lotus 3D


A short film produced by Red Bull Music Academy in October of 2012 broke Flying Lotus’ original transgression into the use of 3D visuals. Drawn from 2001 Space Odyssey the show is completely improvised and performed by Ellison who curates the music and the Layer 3 team who perform the visual aspect of the show. Speaking to RBMA Ellison said the spark to create the Layer 3 show was to reconnect with the idea of magic that is take from you as you grow older. Flying Lotus closes out the Outcider Stage on Monday after Danny Brown.

The Potential for Factor 55 Sun Cream


Guaranteed 30 degree heat with a 0% chance of percipiation? Come off it. The fun of the Irish festival is the yearly opportunity to engage in the succulent dance of seduction with the weather. Wash outs and burned foreheads in the space of 48 hours are among the finer things attendees at this year’s Forbidden Fruit can look forward to. Factor 55 not your thing? No problem! Grab a bucket hat and head to Aphex Twin and Orbital…


Rusangano Family Closing the 100% Irish Stage


The 2 MCs and DJ perform on the Bulmers Live Stage, Monday at 8:00pm. God Knows, MuRli, and mynameisj0hn make up the outfit and bring a ‘genre-less’ musical aesthetic to bring Forbidden Fruit to a close. ’The Family’ have been building a steady following since their formation releasing a string of successful projects between 2014 but it as after their appearance at SXSW ’16 that they released their debut album ‘Let the Dead Bury the Dead’. The rich heritage of Rusangano Family’s members has come to represent all that is great about Ireland in 2017 and we can think of few more fitting ways to leave the grounds of the Royal Hospital in Kilmanham behind.


Every Known Life Form in the Observable Universe Joining in Song for That Fatima Yamaha Chorus Riff…

It’s rapidly approaching 8:45pm and Bas Born (aka Fatima Yamaha) is yet to play what has become the now adapted soundtrack of Lost in Translation. MCDE is up next’re excited about that ..but there’s an underpinning worry that you might never hear the standout keyboard riff of 2010 (and on second passing 2017). Your decision to pack you factor 55 sun cream payed off. Nicholas Jaar is cool but right now, in this moment The Lighthouse Stage is the place to be. At least it didn’t rain, and MCDE will be good fun, right? It’s going to be the longest 15 minutes of your life. How can someone come over and play a festival and not play – never mind, he’s paying it. Faith in humanity restored.


Maceo Plex Headlining The Outcider Stage (Saturday)


Stick around the Outcider stage after Moderat to Maceo Plex. Eric Estornel remains one of the largest household names in contemporary electronic music and has amassed a following drawn to his deep and melodic take on club music. Expect soulful, considered and choice cuts for those of you who can manage to resist the urge of Aphex Twin one stage over… Deep melodic club music ’till close – and no face swapping to our knowledge!

District’s afterparty on Sunday

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 05.34.40 p.m.

Last but not fecking least is the afterparty we’ve sorted out for all you revellers after the Sunday of Forbidden Fruit. Brame & Hamo on the ones and twos, Jafaris, Lawrii Craic, Mango Dassle & MathMan MCing throughout the night, and Bobofunk and Ciara Brady providing soundtracks throughout the night.

Grand Social, doors at 11pm. Get in, get loose, get groovy.