Food / April 27, 2021

31 Lennox launch their keep Portobello clean campaign

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Food / April 27, 2021

31 Lennox launch their keep Portobello clean campaign

By Emily Mullen

“Thank you to everyone in advance for respecting our neighbourhood”

Enter most public spaces in Dublin over the weekend and you would inevitably see rubbish strewn about and public bins overflowing with waste. The combination of sunny weather, outdoor eating and drinking and a lack of receptacles were painfully apparent.

In an effort to combat this, 31 Lennox have launched a new initiative aimed at combating the littering of Portobello and its surroundings. Setting out a five-point action plan, the restaurant whose packaging is already biodegradable has pledged to give customers a 10% discount on their next order when rubbish is returned to them, they will be rostering staff between Thursday-Sunday who will pick up rubbish from around the canal, the team have also joined neighbourhood watch which will be alerted to any illegal activities.

In a move that will make many canal-goers rejoice, 31 Lennox have announced that their bathroom will now be open to customers.

In a post uploaded to Instagram, the restaurant explained that an increase in footfall to Portobello and a “love of the neighbourhood” led them to launch the “KeepPortobelloClean” campaign.

31 Lennox also put out a call to action for other businesses to get involved, writing, “we’d like to take this opportunity to invite our neighbouring local businesses to get involved and collaborate with us to help keep our area tidy.”

31 Lennox isn’t the only business cleaning up the place, with The Bernard Shaw across the other side of the city running their ongoing “Bin it to Win it” campaign, which allows customers the chance to earn a pint when they collect a bag of rubbish from along the royal canal.

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