Food / July 13, 2022

A crisp festival is coming to Dublin this July

Image: Eatyard
Food / July 13, 2022

A crisp festival is coming to Dublin this July

Words: Ellen Kenny

Tayto Park might be changing their name, but another crispy outing is on the horizon.

Running from July 22 to July 24 in Eatyard and The Bernard Shaw, Crisp Fest is paying homage to all your favourite crisps. And I mean all of them.

Pop-ups for the weekend will include a Crisp Tuck Shop featuring Tayto’s, Hunky Dory’s, even King’s Crisps. So, whether you like your crisps cheesy, salty, thick, thin, Crisp Fest has it.

Crisp Fest, in collaboration with Brewtonic, have curated an exclusive Crisp Tasting Menu in the secluded Eatyard Bunker Balcony, featuring an extensive collection of crisps and craft beer. You’ll definitely need something to wash down all those crisps. Tickets to this tasting are 20 euros.

The Shaw stage will also be hosting crisp-themed activities all weekend just to really hammer the crisp obsession home. Events across the weekend include a crisp-eating competition, a blind taste-test, and a Crispy Quiz and Bingo for all those competitive crisp lovers.

The Shaw also promises “crunchy tunes” all weekend, so expect Mr. Tayto’s mixtape to drop anytime soon.

This is a chance to meet all your fellow crisp-lovers and reminisce over your favourite crisp-sandwiches. Or a chance to start some fights over the merits of Hunky Dory’s over King’s. All Crisp Fest is looking for is some crunchy passion.

Crisps really have been having their moment in the sun this summer. So if you spot any of those new Tayto Fizzy-Cola crisps, be sure to give them a go. Or not, in the interest of your tastebuds.

Entry to Crisp Fest is free, but tickets are also available that guarantee entry and offer two free Absolut cocktails and a packet of crisps of your choice. Click here to get your tickets and stay updated on the full list of events over the weekend.

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