/ February 4, 2021

A theme park called ‘Evermore’ is suing Taylor Swift

Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic
/ February 4, 2021

A theme park called ‘Evermore’ is suing Taylor Swift

Words: Dylan Murphy

The fantasy theme park in Utah has filed a lawsuit against Taylor Swift accusing her of trademark infringement.

On Tuesday, a theme park in Utah named Evermore filed a lawsuit against American singer Taylor Swift stating that her 2020 album Evermore violates the park’s trademark rights.

The park continued to say that the album title has also affected their Google search results further confusing patrons.

According to Pitchfork, who viewed court documents, the suit is seeking millions in damages and to recoup all legal fees. The lawsuit was filed in a U.S. District Court in Utah and it claims in the aftermath of the album’s announcement, guests began asking “whether the Evermore Album was the result of a collaboration between Evermore and Taylor Swift or some other type of relationship,” as noted by the park’s director of human resources in the court documents.

Moreover, the court documents also noted that Taylor’s album release infringes on the theme park’s merch designs.

Taylor Swift’s lawyers replied promptly saying the allegations are “baseless”.

“It is inconceivable that there is any likelihood of confusion between your client’s theme park and related products and Ms. Swift’s music and related products.”

Evermore, dropped on December 11 2020 less than six months after her eighth album Folklore.

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