Music / August 19, 2022

Finally, Bjork is releasing a gabber inspired album

Music / August 19, 2022

Finally, Bjork is releasing a gabber inspired album

Ciarán Howley

It’s a beautiful day for the Bjarbs. 

Icelandic avant-garde superstar and internet legend Bjork has revealed the title of her album Fossora and new details in an interview with the Guardian. The word is the feminine version of the Latin word for ‘digger’ she revealed, and that the album would be inspired by the ‘gabber’ subgenre of techno.

Also known as Rotterdam Hardcore, Gabber is a style of electronic music derived from the techno and acid house boom in the 1990s, and remains popular in the Netherlands to this day. Speaking with the Guardian she discussed falling in love with this style of music during lockdown in Iceland during intimate bubble-raves with her closest vinurs.

She said, “there’s always a BPM in our bodies, you know? And I think through Covid we were all pretty lazy, just sitting home reading books, so when we got drunk or partied it was like we went a little bit mental, then we just fell asleep before midnight. Slow energy, but then it goes double.” And that, she realised, is “a little bit gabber”.

While Bjork has enjoyed the later success that is hard to obtain for female musicians she has also become a source of inspiration for memes. Earlier this year the internet went crazy dubbing photos of Bjork with celebs with cryptic mock-riddles that capture the zanier side of the Icelander’s personality.

Fossora is slated for release for a yet unannounced date in the Autumn but will be inspired by Bjork’s time during Covid-19, the loss of her mother and her son leaving the nest.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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