Art and Design / November 2, 2022

Blow Photo and Photo Museum Ireland exhibition ‘The Rise’ launches tomorrow

Art and Design / November 2, 2022

Blow Photo and Photo Museum Ireland exhibition ‘The Rise’ launches tomorrow

Words: Eva O’Beirne

The exhibition will take place in D-Light Studios until November 19.

Blow Photo and Photo Museum Ireland will launch chapter six of ‘In Our Own Image’ – a year-long programme surveying photographic practices on this island – tomorrow in D-Light Studios.

Titled ‘The Rise’, the exhibition has been curated by Blow Photo curators Agata Stoinska and Monika Chmielarz and will launch at 18:00.

The exhibition features Clare Lyons, Róisín White, Karl Magee, George Voronov, David Copeland, Dónal Talbot, Iryna Baklan, Jolane Schnaffer and Elinor O’Donovan – each photographer’s work indicates new directions in contemporary photography.

‘The Rise’ will give “an insight into the freshness and energy of emerging photographic practices, employing new modes of storytelling to help explore human experiences”.

Monika Chmielarz, Blow Photo curator, said on the exhibition: “We focused on finding work that is accessible and breaks down the formality of gallery spaces.”

“The photographers as a collective reinvigorate photography with varied and nuanced representations of what it means to be a photographer in Ireland today. The work speaks to a Post-COVID need for connection and shared experience.”

Clare Lyons ‘Hands’

As well as hosting ‘The Rise’, D- Light Studios will display the public presentation of In Our Own Image Youth Engagement Project facilitated by Artists Róisín White and Ali Waters, and funded by The Arts Council, NEIC Initiative and D-Light Studios.

This exhibition will showcase the culmination of work from six weeks of workshops for a group of ten young people with a connection to Dublin 1. The participants were introduced to photography as a tool for storytelling and a means to address the theme of ‘Home’.

Róisín White said on the In Our Own Image Youth Engagement Project: “The aim of the project was to provide new skills, confidence and sense of achievement, but also to spark ongoing engagement between young artists and professional photographers in a mentorship capacity.”

Róisín White ‘Our Year of Rest and Relaxation’

‘The Rise’ will launch on Thursday 3 November at 18:00 in D-Light Studios.

The exhibition will run until 19 November, open on weekdays from 10:30 to 18:00 and at weekends from 11:30 to 17:00.

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