General News / November 4, 2020

Cardi B, Kanye and more react to election news

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images
General News / November 4, 2020

Cardi B, Kanye and more react to election news

Words: Dylan Murphy

Artists have taken to social media to air their feelings about one of the most dramatic presidential races in recent history.

If you have your eyes glued to twitter today you are not alone. With campaigning over and votes casted, the next few days are crucial in American political history. People turned out in record numbers in the midst of horrible conditions to make their voices heard.

Artists, celebrities, influencers and politicians have hopped on social media and shouted about the importance of voting to elect the next president of the United States. Now, as the voting is finished and the numbers are being counted it appears that it will be an incredibly tight race dependent on a number of important swing states.

Artists took to social media to voice their pride in voting, frustration in the system and eh… running again in 2024?

Cardi B took to Instagram to smoke three cigarettes with the caption “How these elections got me watching these states turn red πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’”.

Twitter inevitably memed the hell out of the video.

At least JPEGMAFIA is a little more optimistic.

A silver lining if Trumps wins is that Kenny Beats and Zack Fox may have a tape on the way. ‘Orange Pres: Basement Sessions Vol. 1’ on the way.

An emoji is worth more than a thousand words.

John Legend feels like a calm and measured voice in the middle of the chaos.

Think Kanye got the hint that it isn’t going to be his year.