General News / April 3, 2023

Carrolls Is Opening a Flagship Store in Dublin’s Central Plaza

6-8 College Green, Dublin, via Central Plaza Dublin
General News / April 3, 2023

Carrolls Is Opening a Flagship Store in Dublin’s Central Plaza

Words: Dylan Murphy

The new three floor gift shop will become the twentieth store across the island.

Carrolls has signed a lease with Hines and Peterson Group for a new store on 6-8 College Green, with plans to open in the third quarter of 2023.

The 10,000 sq ft store will be part of the newly redeveloped Central Plaza in Dublin City centre and is made up of a ground floor of 3,778 sq ft, lower ground floor of 2,131 sq ft and first floor (4,026 sq ft).

Central Plaza is described on its website as: “Located on the processional route between Trinity College and Dublin Castle, this is one of Dublin’s best known town square environments, redefined for a modern generation. Spanning a city block and home to offices, stores and restaurants a cluster of five upgraded building lead onto a dual-level square to create a new destination for Dublin.”

Carrolls has stores in Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Galway and Kilkenny selling tourist souvenirs and homeware products.

Carrolls already has 11 stores in close proximity in Dublin.

Carrolls already has more than 10 stores in close proximity in Dublin.

An architect’s image of Central Plaza

It comes after the former Central Bank building was redeveloped and opened in August 2022 after four years of work. At the moment, Central Plaza hosts or plans to host wework, Buji, Gino’s Gelato, Las Iguanas, Krispy Kreme and AmTrust International Underwriters.

There is a rooftop venue on the building that still remains unused, but given the nature of the retailers that have leased space in the area, it’s unlikely to be anything that will excite District readers.

In a time where people are crying out for imaginative thinking and reinvention of spaces, the reaction online was as expected, frustration.

A Twitter user vents their frustrations.

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