Music / June 17, 2021

Chósta channels his coastal surroundings in ‘Avalanche’

Photo Credit: Nicholas O'Donnell
Music / June 17, 2021

Chósta channels his coastal surroundings in ‘Avalanche’

Words: Dylan Murphy

Consisting of field recordings and environmental sounds, the Dublin producer’s world-building skills are in full focus on his latest single.

It comes as no surprise that art is often inspired one’s surroundings. Whether that be the sounds, scenery or wider socio-economic conditions of the place that a musician calls home, the essence of these cities and towns frequently seeps into their work.

Dublin producer Chósta grew up near Donabate beach and his forthcoming EP channels the harsh winds and rare still moments of the area into an organic four-track piece.

Ahead of the EP’s release on July 2, he’s shared a new video for ‘Avalanche’, a track that incorporates field recordings and was heavily inspired by his coastal surroundings.

Speaking on Avalanche’ Chósta said, “this is the second track from my upcoming debut EP and the aim was to evolve my sound. My first few releases were inspired by more club orientated music, but I wanted to show a bit more range and versatility. I’m hoping this tune and the EP in general showcase that.”

“I was listening to a lot of an Australian group called Severed Heads at the time of making this. They’ve a track called ‘Lamborghini – Petrol’ which definitely bled into what I was doing, not so much in structure but definitely in sound.”

“The track is built around an organ melody that I really like. I’m always interested in contrasts in any art form, particularly in music. I love hearing completely disparate elements blended together. The aim was to create tension/disparity between the poppy vocal sample and the harsher, more abrasive percussion towards the end. I don’t see why you can’t marry pop sensibilities with a dark twist.”

Chósta’s debut, self-titled, EP will be released on July 2. 

The Chósta EP tracklist:

The Coldest Stare
Cliff Walks & Deep Thoughts

Watch the video for ‘Avalanche’ below:

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