Art and Design / August 23, 2023

Cultural Space In Dublin 8 Aparthotel Set To Show A Protest Exhibition…Against Aparthotels  

Photo Credit: Con: Temporary Quarters
Art and Design / August 23, 2023

Cultural Space In Dublin 8 Aparthotel Set To Show A Protest Exhibition…Against Aparthotels  

Words: Dray Morgan

The first art exhibition in the required cultural space of the Tivoli Theatre aparthotels will be dedicated to condemning temporary living space areas.

Con: Temporary Quarters, will be the first exhibition to be on display in the Tivoli Aparthotels since it opened 18 months ago.

The Tivoli hotel was constructed in 1930 and since then saw a multitude of occupancies, including the nightclub District 8. In 2019, the venue announced that it would be closing for demolition and in its place would sit new aparthotels.

Previous to the construction of the hotel, the Irish Government requested that Staycity compensate for the loss of the space with a new cultural area. What was once a popular music venue, District 8, is now a barebones, warehouse-like exhibition centre.

The initial proposal also included an independent company, Winding Star, overseeing the space. Upon the building’s completion, Winding Star ceased their involvement in the project. This has left no organisational commitment and according to the exhibiting artists is a driving factor for the space’s neglect.

With this in mind, the new exhibition proves to be a tongue-in-cheek project examining the flaws in governmental policy and the relationship that has with temporary accommodation companies. In an interview with Dublin Inquirer, artists Eve Wood and Aoife Ward detailed the insufficient facilities provided by building owner Staycity in the space supposed to replace a major nightlife hub.

The two artists are hosting a satirical showing of art relating to the overdevelopment of temporary living space in Dublin 8. Furthermore, malicious compliance by developers, when asked to compensate for lost cultural space, has left with a substandard area for arts.

“It’s about showing how completely unfinished this is.” Aoife Ward said to Dublin Inquirer. With lighting being unsuitable, a severe lack of power outlets and the complete absence of toilets, aparthotel owners Staycity have not done the bare minimum.

The duo told Dublin Inquirer about their plan to put a phantom toilet in the corner of the room, where stepping into a corner of the room would trigger a flush sound

The exhibition contains relics from former Dublin cultural centres, such as old cinema chairs rescued from disposal.

However, the two artists noted their surprise that StayCity has not considered the themes of the exhibition and prevented it.

Construction began on the Aparthotels in 2019 after the 90-year-old Tivoli theatre was demolished, ending the five year business of popular club District 8. This closure is part of the 80 per cent of clubs and venues in Ireland which have closed down in the past decade.

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