Music / February 19, 2021

Dublin-based singer Tertia drops debut project

Music / February 19, 2021

Dublin-based singer Tertia drops debut project

Words: Dylan Murphy

Tertia’s Mixtape lands following the release of her brooding single ‘Overly Emotional Women’.

London-raised, Dublin-based singer Tertia has shared her debut project Tertia’s Mixtape.

A classically trained multi-instrumentalist, Tertia simultaneously pulls influence from the likes of Grimes and Alice Phoebe Lou without compromising the charming bedroom pop aesthetic that laces her new mixtape.

Her distinct blend of synth-led backdrops and meditative vocals has led to her performing at the likes of Camden Assembly in London and more recently supported Oscar Blue in the SoundHouse.

Speaking on the creation of the mixtape Tertia said, “Like the pandemic, the creative process took longer than expected and was occasionally infuriating. But, it was like also my sourdough bread: it was a time for me to experiment with my sound, make mistakes and try again.”

“I was finally able to stop balancing things in my life and just get on with it. There were whole days spent at the piano rerecording and rewriting parts which I’d never thought about before and those were the best. I feel so lucky to have music at times like this, it carried me through the last year, allowed me to make new friends (though I still haven’t met some in person yet) and think about future projects which I could look towards, irrespective of the pandemic.”

“The EP was largely influenced by the themes of gender perception, addiction and remorse.”

“There seemed to be no shortage of creative inspiration during the two years after I left school and so, to me, the mixtape is like a smorgasbord of those new and fantastical feelings – good and bad. One day I’ll be able to organise my thoughts and write a concept album but, for now, I’ll resign the EP to chaos.”

Listen to Tertia’s Mixtape below:

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