Counter Culture / September 26, 2022

Emporium launches sustainable exchange programme

Image: Emporium
Counter Culture / September 26, 2022

Emporium launches sustainable exchange programme

Words: Ellen Kenny

Emporium will allow customers to exchange their old vintage clothes for new pieces.

Streetwear and lifestyle brand Emporium has announced the launch of the Emporium Exchange Programme, allowing customers to get rid of unwanted clothes and get some new gear.

Through the exchange programme, Emporium is asking customers to return their vintage Emporium clothes in exchange for store credit. These pieces will be washed, repaired and resold by Emporium. Emporium hope to reach 20 exchanged pieces for the launch of the programme.

T-shirts can be exchanged for seven euro credit. Hoodies and sweatshirt can be exchanged for 15 euros. Sweatpants can also be exchanged for 14 euros. Emporium will not be accepting returns of accessories such as socks and headwear.

Items will also be donated to charities to be sold in charity shops and distributed to those in need. Anything Emporium decides isn’t wearable will go to recycling markets to be converted into wiping rags, or shredded for low-grade fiber products.

According to Emporium, “we don’t like to think of clothing as seasonal, disposable, or temporary. We want you to buy pieces that you love, wear them on the daily, and take care of them accordingly.”

“Of course, nothing lasts forever, and whether your style moves on, or your pieces become too worn, sometimes it’s time to move on from one of your old favorites.”

Items can be exchanged with Emporium via their pop-up shops, a drop off at their Dublin 8 office, or postal return.

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