General News / September 11, 2020

GAZE 2020 is showcasing the newest releases in LGBTQ+ film

General News / September 11, 2020

GAZE 2020 is showcasing the newest releases in LGBTQ+ film

The international film festival is premiering a number of Irish films at the IFI and at home next month.

Since emerging in 1992, GAZE Film Festival’s mission has been to advance equality and promote visibility of LGBTQ+ experiences by showcasing and celebrating these narratives on screen. This month, the festival returns with a huge programme of at home and in cinema experiences.

Armed with a specially curated programme, the international film festival’s 28th edition runs from September 30 – October 4 and has the newest releases in LGBTQ+ film and is hosting nine Irish Premieres for feature films and 34 Irish Premieres for short films.

There are brand new films, rediscovered classics and much more. The new programme ensures that thanks to the new VOD platform,  and IFI @ HOME, the entire programme will be accessible to people across the country.

GAZE will host 12 special screenings at the Irish Film Institute (IFI) and the Light House Cinema, including the beautiful Opening Film ‘Two Of Us’ about love in later life between two women, and the Closing Film, the mesmerising ‘No Hard Feelings’, a story about the divergent lives between two young Iranian men, set in Germany.


Talking about this year’s festival, Sarah Williams, Chairperson, of GAZE International LGBTQ+ Film Festival says, “Queer culture, in all its glorious nuances and subversive contexts, is something GAZE tries to curate through film. We hope you’ll be inspired, enraged, encouraged, that you’ll laugh and most importantly feel connected. We are immensely proud of our team, who, despite all uncertain odds, have delivered a beautiful, topical and compelling festival of films and events, in this extraordinary year that continues to shake us all to the core.’’

Irish Premieres: 9 films

SUK SUK (Sunday 4th October, 13:15, IFI & IFI @ HOME)

IF IT WERE LOVE (Thursday 1st October, 20:45, IFI & IFI @ HOME)

COCOON (Saturday 3rd October, 18:00, IFI @ HOME)

LINGUA FRANCA (Thursday 1st October, 18:30, IFI @ HOME )

CLEMENTINE (Friday 2nd October, 18:30, IFI @ HOME)

CICADA (Thursday 2nd October, 21:30, IFI @ HOME)

ALICE JUNIOR (Saturday 3rd October, 13:15, IFI & IFI @ HOME)

DRY WIND (Saturday 3rd October, 15:00, IFI @ HOME)

WELCOME TO CHECHNYA (screened on BBC) (Saturday 3rd October, 16:00, IFI @ HOME)

ASK ANY BUDDY (Saturday 3rd October, 22:00, IFI @ HOME)

To discover the full line and up and purchase tickets click here.

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