Counter Culture / October 3, 2022

Geeinness is celebrating the art of vaginas on Guinness heads

Image: @Geeinness on Instagram
Counter Culture / October 3, 2022

Geeinness is celebrating the art of vaginas on Guinness heads

Words: Ellen Kenny

Body positivity is really important nowadays, and Geeinness is leading the charge as Ireland’s first “Guinnecologist”.

A new Dublin creative has emerged on the scene, and @Geeinness on Instagram has a very specific yet very progressive niche. Anatomically inaccurate penises on school desks are dead. Long live vaginas on Guinness heads.

Geeinness’ mission is to find all the best vulvas drawn on the heads of Guinness pints and show the world. While creating their own fine works of art, they also ask their followers to submit their pieces. Across Dublin pubs, Guinness drinkers are celebrating the humble vagina.

As the self-described first “Guinnecologists” in Ireland, Geeinness are latching on to a new trend around vulvas. More artists and companies in Ireland and abroad are reminding people that vulvas are like snowflakes.

Netflix’s hit show “Sex Education” features an entire plot line where one character sells vulva-themed cupcakes. In Dublin, Project Sheela celebrates female sexuality by placing carvings of naked women with exaggerated genitalia in locations related to both historic and current issues for women.

And now Geeinness has joined the body positivity movement in one of the most Irish ways possible. Vulvas on Guinness heads is truly a subversive movement. Of course, women are not solely defined by their genitalia. But isn’t it great to see so many versions of a female body on a typically masculine drink? These pints will be in the Irish Museum of Modern Art or the National Museum of Ireland one day, mark my words.

Even if there wasn’t that much actual feminist thought put into Geeinness (which seems likely), it’s still a great art project. They’re always taking submissions, so make sure to head to your local and get creative.

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