General News / December 11, 2020

Grab yourself an Irish-made scarf to support homelessness charities

Photo: Kate O'Loughlin
General News / December 11, 2020

Grab yourself an Irish-made scarf to support homelessness charities

Words: Katie Gartland

Support Irish artists and charities for homeless people* this Christmas.
*and doggos

Irish artist Kate O’Loughlin has designed a lovely cosy scarf in support of homelessness charities in Ireland this Winter. 20% of all profits from Kate’s scarves go to Inner City Helping Homeless and Milo’s Mission Rescue.

Grab yourself a lovely double-sided scarf for the chilly Winter season. One side the scarf has the ‘Homes 4 All slogan’ while the other has wonderful designs of different kinds of people and doggos.

Kate, also know as K8olo, is a Dublin born illustrator. She creates boisterous black and white drawings with strong female figures and statements. In her newest project, she has decided to donate proceeds to help homelessness charities in Ireland.

Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) was founded in 2013 by the current CEO, Anthony Flynn. It distributes food across the country to feed homeless people. Over 700,000 people in Ireland are homeless, including 200,000 children. ICHH has recently collaborated with Food Cloud to send homeless families living in emergency accommodation monthly food parcels.

ICHH are currently running a Santa Box appeal which provides homeless children with presents from Santa this Christmas. To give a child a Santa present this year, head over to ICHH’s website. Each box is packed by socially distanced elves and sent to kids just in time for Christmas.

Profits from Kate’s scarves will also go to Milo’s Mission Rescue, which help to re-home dogs for the Winter. The last year has seen a rise in puppy farming due to people spending more time at home. Milo’s Mission aims to promote the fostering and adoption of homeless puppers instead of buying dogs.

Photo: Milo’s Mission Rescue on Instagram

Support Irish artists while helping homeless charities. Grab yourself or your friend one of Kate’s wonderfully stylish ‘Homes 4 All’ scarves here. It’s for a great cause.