Food / September 20, 2022

Ham Survey Says Ham is the Best

Food / September 20, 2022

Ham Survey Says Ham is the Best

Words: Shamim de Brún

Iconic purveyor of ham Denny’s conducted a survey to discover Ireland’s favourite sandwich, and unsurprisingly, it was ham and cheese.

The survey is part of their new advertising campaign that uses nostalgic grandparent imagery to remind us we like ham. It revealed that 38% of people think Ham & Cheese is the number one combination. Closely followed by another ham-forward sambo; Ham, Cheese, Tomato and Onion.

70% of people chose white bread over brown bread. 57% of always enjoy their toastie with a packet of crisps, aparantly. A toasted sandwich is preferred (46%). Followed by popping it under the grill (28%). Frying it on the pan get 26% and finally, using a regular toaster (10%).

58% of people enjoy their toasties between 13:00 and 16:00. Only 3% of respondents have one after midnight as a snack. 62% of respondents insisted that they make the best toasties themselves, followed by their ma (13%).

Treating yourself to a toastie after a long day at work was a top choice (62%) when people were asked what the ideal toastie time was. This was followed by returning from living abroad (16%), and, as portrayed in Denny’s new Ad, bringing home a new baby (8%).

Henry Denny and co was once the largest purveyor of bacon in Europe. By the 1890s, bacon curing was the main industry in Waterford. About 850 people were directly employed in four companies – Matterson’s, Richardson’s, Barne’s and Denny’s.

The city’s most successful bacon-curers were undoubtedly Henry Denny & Sons. It can rightly be described as one of the world’s first multinational companies. The firm marketed their bacon under the ‘Star’ brand in Britain and concentrated on getting their products into emerging chain stores such as Lipton’s and Home and Colonial.

One of their most popular products were sausages and by the early twentieth century Denny’s Sausages were a household brand name, even meriting a mention in James Joyce’s literary masterpiece, Ulysses.

These days they are still a go-to for the full Irish enthusiasts as well as the ham sambo crowd.

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