Art and Design / October 13, 2023

An Post Teams up With Hephee to Send Love

Hephee and An Post - Send Love
Art and Design / October 13, 2023

An Post Teams up With Hephee to Send Love


An Post is teaming up with Irish artist Hephee to nurture our love for tangible affection and connect with our loved ones as near or far as they may be, by revamping post boxes and launching their newest “Send Love” campaign.

There are few artists that capture iconic pop culture moments and Irishisms quite like Hephee. The artist and illustrator routinely drops thumbstoppers on the timeline that are a welcome palette cleanser for the soul. As a friend of District and frequent collaborator on some of the best merch we’ve been blessed to work on, it’s no surprise to see another great link up on the horizon.

With that in mind, Hephee has teamed up with An Post for ‘Send Love’, a campaign that has community as its centrepiece. Everyone has family or friends that we want to show appreciation for.  Sometimes we overlook how important the little things can be. Something as small as a postcard can be such a meaningful gesture, no matter the occasion.

A card isn’t just for birthdays and Christmas, there are many motivations to send a message to a loved one and through Hephee’s unique Irish-centric designs, there’s no reason not to send love. Looking back, we were given cards for almost every occasion, passing exams, moving house, even to say thank you for a card. That communion card from your aunt can be easy to take for granted, but each card represents a thoughtful gesture that carries the warmth and affection of the sender.

Give congratulations, wish someone luck or just let someone know they’re sound, there’s a design for all purposes. Whether it be Australia, Canada, Cork or Cabra, it’s essential to maintain a tangible relationship with the ones you love most, especially in an increasingly disconnected society.

That reminder that you care, whether the message is travelling thousands of miles or just a couple of counties, can make someone’s day. Hephee’s exceptional perspective on Irish culture allows for a memento of your relationship to stay with those you value most. Drawing from his first-hand experiences living in London, there’s nobody more fitting for this project than the man sprinkling cultural gems onto the island from across the sea.

Historically, post boxes were seen as an enduring and important presence in local communities. They are a witness and participators in almost every facet of Irish history. As an artist that looks towards the future whilst acknowledging how the past shapes us, Hephee is illuminating and renovating these post boxes with his trademark art.

On top of that, there are 20 unique designs and Irish imagery on postcards that provide the opportunity to accentuate a personal card. With a diversity of messages, tones and designs, Hephee has left no stone unturned in creating a reason to send some affection.

The campaign has already allowed thousands of people to stay connected with their close ones and maintain bonds as near or far as can be. As the trajectory of the world becomes more online each year, we sometimes can forget the beauty of sending a physical message.

Active community action is a positive way to ensure that we reconnect and nurture our relationships. As the evenings get darker, the beloved post box is quite literally becoming a beacon of the community. With that in mind, there’s no reason not to Send Love today.

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