Entertainment / March 9, 2021

Here’s the top list of things Buckingham Palace could be turned into

Entertainment / March 9, 2021

Here’s the top list of things Buckingham Palace could be turned into

By Emily Mullen

In light of last night’s showing of the royal interview, Twitter users have pitched six ideas of what to do with the headquarters of the British monarchy.

The dust has sort of settled on the Megan and Harry interview, the details of the chat with Oprah have been disseminated, memes have been made and Piers Morgan has waddled off. We’ve been left with the general feeling that the Royal family is in deep doo-doo, and on a practical level, the good people of Twitter have risen to the challenge of providing a solution: turning Buckingham Palace into something else. Here are the top six suggestions of what the royal abode could be turned into:


A big Tesco


This suggestion could be a runner, who else but Tesco could afford the multi-billion pound price tag that would be attached to Buckingham Palace? On a practical level, the Palace is already not dissimilar in size to a big Tesco. There are built-in staff quarters. Its central location will be convenient to shoppers, with plenty of parking space, plus the transport links around there are great. Plus who wouldn’t want to nip into “the palace” for a few bits?


A Spirit Halloween


What’s more essential than a monarchy you ask? How about a shop that’s relevant for one month of the year, Spirit Halloween. Buckingham Palace would be a fitting place for the spooky superstore, the owner of Spirit Halloween could make a killing selling the dusty old and potentially haunted contents of the Palace.


A feature on Selling Sunsets


A great way for the Royals to keep current would be to sell their home through Selling Sunsets. Securing the sale of £4.9billion property would definitely have the cast of the Netflix series clawing each other’s faces off for the commission. Real Estate agent with the show Davina Potratz is already on board with this pitch.


The set for RuPaul’s Drag Race


While it’s surely in the national interest to improve the sets of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the concept of hosting a drag race within Buckingham Palace could certainly work. Creating its own drag race program could dramatically help with public image, the Drag Queen of Britain could really take off. This does not have to work solely with the British monarchy and could be franchised out to all Royal palaces of Europe.


An imperialist education centre


Aside from the British Museum which seems to be off-limits at the moment, Buckingham Palace seems like a great place to hold a UK imperialist education center. With 775 rooms and several wings in the Palace, there’s a lot of scope for timelines and themes here.


A Princess Diana themed gay bar


There you were thinking there would be too many Queens in the Palace, but why not increase them? The high luxury setting of Lady Di’s would be the perfect surround for a few bevvies, photo ops uniformed beaver-heads and who wouldn’t love the black and white checkered dance floor surrounded by priceless royal portraits. Perfection.

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