Music / November 26, 2021

Irish Gig of the Week: Saint Sister

Saint Sister by Ellius Grace
Music / November 26, 2021

Irish Gig of the Week: Saint Sister

Words: Dylan Murphy

Jack Daniel’s and District share an authentic love for music culture and we thought who better to team up with to see out the year and celebrate the return of live music. Every week, we’re handpicking the must attend show in the capital, ranging from underground rappers in dimly lit rooms to rising stars on sold out tours.

Gig season is well and truly in full swing and in the midst of what can feel like an overwhelming reopening period, there’s always room for music that can bring restless nervous systems to a brief pause. With this in mind, Saint Sister’s soul-cleansing music is the perfect accompaniment for a Sunday self-care routine.

The duo, head to The 3Olympia Theatre on Sunday 28 November hot off the back of their Northern Ireland Music prize win last week for their album Where I Should End.

It comes after the pair performed at Meadows Festival this summer, earned nominations at the RTÉ Folk Awards earlier this month and they hosted a number of pop up shops in Dublin as part of a mini tour this year.

Saint Sister play the 3Olympia Theatre on Sunday 28 November. Click here for tickets.

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