General News / July 16, 2020

Jameson Connects Presents The Stay Inn with Bas & Loah

General News / July 16, 2020

Jameson Connects Presents The Stay Inn with Bas & Loah

What happens when your plans to move from Ireland to New York are scuppered? You bring New York to Ireland.

Some of the most compelling music to hit our airwaves has emerged in response to turbulent times. With the current global pandemic we’ve seen artists continue to be creative despite the lockdown, taking new and innovative approaches with technology and adapting to the so-called ‘New Normal’.

In a time where connection can be few and far between, music is often the glue keeping us together.

With that in mind Jameson has teamed up with Dreamville’s Bas and artists from Ireland and the United States for The Stay Inn. Through a number of separate Zoom calls between Bas and each artist, the Dreamville star will act as a mentor, educator and collaborator guiding the acts through the process of creating a joint record.


Having featured heavily on the number one, Grammy nominated compilation album ‘Revenge of the Dreamers’, Bas worked with a host of other big names including Dreamville head honcho J. Cole, Ty Dolla Sign and JID, illustrating that when it comes to collaborating there’s not many better than Bas.

Teaming up with Bas from the other side of the Atlantic is Irish artist Loah. Having grown up between Maynooth and West Africa there’s parallels in the multicultural upbringing of the experienced Irish singer to that of Sudanese-born, Queens-raised spitter Bas. It’s this ability to adapt that makes the duo perfectly positioned to take on this innovative approach to collaboration.


Having recently starred as Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar at the Barbican in London last year and previously co-written with Hozier, not mention her collaborations with Bantum, Mango X MathMan and Fehdah, Loah has a wealth of musical experience under her belt. She was poised to take the next step in her career with a big move to New York. Consequently the pandemic put a halt to her plans, but as all great artists do, they adapt to their situation and with the help of Bas and Jameson, New York is now coming to her.

Providing an added level of sheen to the final track is Ron Gilmore Jr., the production maestro behind much of J. Cole’s certified platinum album ‘Forest Hills Drive 2014’ and the touring keyboardist for Cole and Lauryn Hill’s live bands.

Jameson will be bringing behind the scenes footage of the track’s creation, providing an opportunity to witness the creative process of artists pushing the boundaries of how you can make music in isolation.

We’re delighted to have the exclusive premiere of the track on our site on July 31.

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Enjoy Jameson responsibly.

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