Music / June 22, 2021

John Glacier lifts the veil in nocturnal rap cut ‘If Anything’

Photo Credit: Udoma Janssen
Music / June 22, 2021

John Glacier lifts the veil in nocturnal rap cut ‘If Anything’

Words: Dylan Murphy

The enigmatic London rapper has shared the first single from SHILOH: Lost For Words. With Vegyn on executive production, it’s the first time he’s had involvement across a record since Frank Ocean’s Endless.

In the social media era, it’s rare to have acts that stray from the limelight, but Hackney-based rapper John Glacier has garnered unrivalled status as one of the capital’s most exciting and enigmatic artists.

Today, she’s shared ‘If Anything’ the first single from her forthcoming debut project SHILOH: Lost For Words. Featuring executive production from PLZ Make It Ruins head honcho Vegyn.

If her first single is anything to go by then we are in for something special. ‘If Anything’ sees John Glacier’s unique vocal offering meander through nocturnal and lo-fi production as she marries the distorted elements of the UK club scene with her own experimental rap tinge.

Additionally, it’s the first time the London-based producer has been so heavily involved in a record since Frank Ocean’s Endless.

It comes after Vegyn shared his Like A Good Old Friend EP earlier this year which featured Jeshi and John Glacier.

Dropping July 30, SHILOH: Lost For Words is set to lift the veil and open an exciting new chapter for John Glacier.

SHILOH: Lost For Words Tracklist:

  1. If Anything (Prod. by Vegyn)
  2. Icing (Prod. by Holly & Vegyn)
  3. Cryptomnesia (Prod. by Tn_490 & Vegyn)
  4. Trelawny Waters (Prod. by Vegyn)
  5. Timing (Prod. by Psychedelic Ensemble & Vegyn)
  6. Senseless (Prod. by Tn_490 & Vegyn)
  7. Boozy (Prod. by Psychedelic Ensemble & Vegyn)
  8. Platoon (Prod. by Vegyn)
  9. Green Elephant Freestyle (Prod. by Tn_490 & Vegyn)
  10. Some Other Thing (Prod. by Vegyn)
  11. On Formulation
  12. 12. No More Left Like It’s Death

Listen to ‘If Anything’ below:

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