Counter Culture / May 21, 2021

Johnny Ronan refused permission for 40-storey Docklands Tower

Image via The Times
Counter Culture / May 21, 2021

Johnny Ronan refused permission for 40-storey Docklands Tower

Words: Dylan Murphy

The building was projected to be the tallest building in Ireland had it went ahead.

Today, An Bord Pleanála has refused planning permission for developer Johnny Ronan’s 40 storey tower scheme for Dublin’s docklands.

Mr Ronan’s scheme intended to erect 44 and 45 story buildings that exceeded the height limitations for the area. Subsequently, the appeals board has refused the application saying that it was precluded from granting permission after a High Court ruling last November.

Moreover, in their 63-page planning report, Dublin City Planners told An Bord Pleanála that the scheme represents overdevelopment and is “an inadequate design response to this sensitive site, would be of insufficient architectural quality, and if permitted would result in a poor placemaking outcome”.

They continued saying the buildings “would negatively impact the receiving environment, in terms of daylight, sunlight and wind, and resulting in a poor standard of residential amenity for future residents”.

In response to the ruling, Ronan Group Real Estate said that it was “deeply disappointing that it felt legally obliged to refuse planning permission due to Dublin City Council’s legal action seeking to uphold the Strategic Development Zone at the expense of the Government’s Strategic Housing Development policy.”

“Unfortunately Dublin City Council’s continued efforts to frustrate Government policy are impeding much needed development in this area of Dublin,” the statement said.

An Taisce objected to the scheme and Kevin Duff told the appeals board that the impulse to construct two 40-plus storey towers “simply because Dublin does not have such buildings or because it does not look ‘international’ without them is ludicrous and is unsupportable environmentally”.

Additionally, Mr Duff said that this type of housing “is rarely affordable and most likely to end up as corporate letting with little or no contribution to the housing supply or the housing crisis”.

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