General News / May 12, 2020

Left on read: Malaki & Biig Piig

General News / May 12, 2020

Left on read: Malaki & Biig Piig

All praise to Sarah White, Tesco is cancelled and what they are having for dinner.

Let’s face it, during this pandemic everyday feels the same and the last thing people want is to be asked the same questions they’ve been asked a million times before.

With the onslaught of Instagram lives and Q&As we thought we’d try something a little different.

Following a moment of inspiration listening to the lyrics “Nothing changes, everyday’s the same” in Biig Piig‘s ‘Nothing Changes‘, we hit up the NiNE8 Collective wordsmith to see if she’d be up for an unorthodox interview with her main squeeze and rising Irish star Malaki.

Jumping at the chance to text about their quarantine routine, books that are keeping them sane and resentment towards Tescos they had a back and forth before popping to the shops. Dig into the first edition of ‘Left on read’.

malaki bp3

malaki bp 8

*Insert praying hand emojiis*


malaki bp 6

malaki bp 9

If you want to see evidence of Jess’s culinary skills watch this video with Joy Crookes.

malaki bp2

malaki pb 4

Quarantine may mean Biig Piig’s next hit is littered with misspellings on genius.

malaki BP 1

malaki bp 5


Whilst they are at the shops check out Biig Piig’s latest animated video for ‘Switch’ and read our feature with her from Issue 004.