Entertainment / May 12, 2022

MIKA and Derry Lipa: Everything you need to know about Ireland at Eurovision 2022

Entertainment / May 12, 2022

MIKA and Derry Lipa: Everything you need to know about Ireland at Eurovision 2022

Words: Eva O’Beirne

We’ve certainly come far from Dustin the Turkey and “Irlande Douze Points”.

You may be wondering what’s the story with Ireland’s performance at tonight’s Eurovision semi-final. District has compiled the five things you need to know about Brooke Scullion and her entry “That’s Rich”.

  1. Irish Twitter has affectionately nicknamed Brooke “Derry Lipa”

Due to Brooke’s stage aesthetics and her hometown, it was only natural that the Irish Twitter community would find some way of keeping her humble. With her explosive energy and high-quality performance, it is hard to criticise anything else about the Derry-born singer.

  1. Ireland will be the 10th act to perform tonight

There will be a total of 18 acts performing at the second semi-final. Opening tonight’s show in Turin is Finland, followed by Israel, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Malta, San Marino, Australia and Cyprus.

Performing after Ireland are North Macedonia, Estonia, Romania, Poland, Montenegro, Belgium, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

The show will kick off at 20:00 tonight and can be watched on RTÉ2 and the RTÉ Player, as well as BBC One.

  1. MIKA is hosting and performing at tonight’s semi-final

Yes, you do know that guy in a colourful suit presenting the Eurovision. It’s none other than the fella who sang Grace Kelly and Big Girl (You Are Beautiful). And no, he’s not Italian.

MIKA has been a judge on the Italian version of X-Factor since 2013 and has spent long periods of time in the country. He speaks fluent Italian as well as French, making him the perfect host for the contest.

  1. Brooke sees herself as a threat to her fellow competitors

“I think what’s different about this year is we’ve sent something completely different. We’ve always sent a ballad and maybe that just isn’t the right formula that we need after all,” Brooke said to the Irish Independent this week.

“Maybe we need to send something completely different and new and fresh that catches people’s attention. I think this year, people are taking this quite seriously and (feel) threatened in a way that we might actually qualify.”

The Ireland team are also hoping for a boost of votes from the six northern counties, as well as the Irish population in the UK and Australia.

  1. Brooke isn’t happy with the amount of radio play she’s received so far

High YouTube views and Spotify streams for the Irish entrant have boosted her song internationally but Brooke says she is disappointed with the lack of support the song has received on Irish radio.

In several interviews over the past few weeks, Brooke has highlighted how difficult it can be for local artists to break into Irish radio, noting that she has gotten more radio plays up the North.

You can stream Brooke’s Eurovision entry here.

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