Food / July 26, 2022

New Wine Bar Opening This Thursday

Food / July 26, 2022

New Wine Bar Opening This Thursday

Words: Shamim de Brún

New wine bar A Fianco opens at 17:00 this Thursday on Manor Street in Stoneybatter Dublin 7.

The spot is the latest venture from the team behind Grano, Dublin 7’s best Italian spot. It will be walk-in only at first, but bookings will come soon, according to the website—a nod at it being right next door to big brother Grano.

Italy is a complicated, diverse place with over three hundred indigenous grapes and almost as many DOC regions. However, this “vineria”(winery) will focus on Calabrian wines. Calabria is a region in the south of Italy where the toe of the boot is.

Like most wine bars, it will serve a selection of small plates using seasonal ingredients from Italian and Irish producers. In fact, the online menu mentions iterations of the word ‘Calabria’ six times.

According to their website, they choose wines made using old techniques, by small organic producers, with indigenous grapes, respecting the land and nature. Which is very in keeping with the natural wine movement without being exclusively so. They say they ‘believe that these old ways are the future’.

Owner Roberto Mungo wants it to be “a relaxed and comfortable space for people to enjoy new wines and share a selection of small plates”.

In keeping with the current fashion, the opening menu features Alici marinate; anchovies. These, however, are marinated in a distinctly Calabrian style and served with toasted bread.

Grano is a small spot that has inspired fierce loyalty from local clientele. Often referred to as a ‘gem’, it is warmly recommended for the food’s quality and the people’s generosity. The pasta there is not to be missed.

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