Art and Design / September 22, 2022

Pallas Projects launches new studios at The Digital Hub

Image: Colin Crotty and Catherine Martin via @cathmartingreen on Twitter
Art and Design / September 22, 2022

Pallas Projects launches new studios at The Digital Hub

Words: Ellen Kenny

The new studios at The Digital Hub will provide an additional 14 visual artists with space to work.

Pallas Projects have officially opened their new art studios at 157 Thomas Street in The Digital Hub in collaboration with the Arts Council.

According to Pallas Projects, 14 artists will be able to use the space. Studio sizes range from 10 to 31 square metres, and artists can rent a rent studio for between 200 and 470 euros per month.

The studio is currently hosting artists such as Colin Crotty, Alan Magee and Barbara Knežević.

Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media Catherine Martin attended the opening of the studios, tweeting that the “protection and enhancement of these spaces is an important priority for us.”

Her department is currently supporting a number of initiatives to create more spaces and opportunities for artists. Other initiatives include a basic income pilot scheme for 2,000 artists, and a four million night-time economy scheme encouraging pubs, nightclubs, cafes and other spaces to host music, comedy, dance and other cultural activities in their spaces.

These new studios are among a series of plans to expand the Digital Hub in the Liberties. The Land Development Agency (LDA) also hopes to develop at 3.72 acre site on Thomas Street into hundreds of affordable homes.

Art studios in Dublin

The Arts Council is also working with Dublin Port Company to turn the disused Odlums Flour Mill into an “Artist Campus and Workspace” across 5,000 square metres. Announced last month, this development is part of the Art Council’s ten-year strategy Making Great Art Work, the Government’s Project Ireland 2040 and the Dublin Port Masterplan 2040. It has not been clarified whether artists will need to pay to use the space, and how much.

In June 2022, Richmond Road, one of the last remaining non-profit creative studios in Dublin, was evicted from its premises in Fairview. Last week, they tweeted they are back for “a new chapter.”

Click here to find out how to book a studio space with Pallas Projects.

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