General News / July 21, 2022

Parliament Street to go traffic free three evenings a week

Parliament Street Image: Dublin City Council
General News / July 21, 2022

Parliament Street to go traffic free three evenings a week

Words: Ellen Kenny

College Green, South William Street, and now Parliament Street? Dublin is truly in its pedestrian era.

Dublin City Council has announced plans to trial a traffic-free Parliament Street for the rest of the summer. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 18:30 to 23:00, the Temple Bar street will be completely pedestrian. This change will run until at least the end of August.

During these hours, the 69 bus will use Bachelors Walk, O’Connell Bridge and Townsend Street before returning to its normal route, while the 79A will divert to Eden Quay, Rosie Hackett Bridge and Burgh Quay and terminate at Aston Quay.

The Council previously banned weekend traffic from Parliament Street and Capel Street last summer.

This is the third pedestrian-related news Dublin City Council have announced in the last week. The Council previously announced plans to pedestrianise College Green on August 7, and plans to permanently pedestrianise South William Street.

The Councillors are seriously trying to get their steps in.

Capel Street was made traffic-free in May, making it the longest pedestrian street in Dublin. Parliament Street faces Capel Street directly over the River Liffey at Grattan Bridge. The combination of the two streets create a pedestrianised area 600 metres long.

This new traffic-free trend does make you wonder why Dublin City Council have become so pedestrian-friendly recently. Who knows what they’ll pedestrianise next? O’Connell Street? The M50? Dublin Airport?

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