General News / February 18, 2021

Pineapple is the Irish startup helping gen-z get hired

General News / February 18, 2021

Pineapple is the Irish startup helping gen-z get hired

Words: Staff Writer

In an increasingly competitive job market, traditional CVs don’t serve to highlight just how creative and internet-savvy young people are these days. Pineapple is launching its new service to help young people illustrate their talents and get into the job market.

In the face of an increasingly competitive job market, our friends over at Pineapple are launching a new service called Pineapple Career Pals.

We all know far too well how difficult it is to get into your chosen career path nowadays. It’s mega competitive and it can often feel like we are trapped in a cycle of needing experience to get experience which can be extremely frustrating.

That’s why Pineapple is launching their new platform. Built around short, shareable, Insta-Style Story profiles that are easy to share and contain unique links, it’s a bit like your own personal portfolio or website but in a story format. Intuitively we all understand that traditional CVs struggle to highlight just how creative young people are and that’s why the Pineapple Stories are a great addition to any Linkedin profile, CV or cover letter.

Given that as of January this year, 56.4 per cent of those aged between 15-24 in Ireland are currently unemployed, the need for a modern approach to illustrating young people’s creativity and skills is more urgent than ever.

Speaking on the tricky situation young people searching for work find themselves in, COO and Co-Founder Oliver Cruise (31), who also owns and operates a business in the heart of Dublin City Centre said:

“The ironic thing is that business needs as a result of Covid have shifted to suit the next generation, everything has moved online. Businesses need help developing their online presence from building and managing the websites to improving their social media. These are all the skills that the more digital-savvy generation have, but herein lies the challenge as employers can’t see the potential of these graduates from that current lens provided by mediums such as CVs.”

With the world becoming increasingly digital in the midst of a global pandemic being able to express yourself online is crucial. Yet despite the fact, young people have inadvertently built their online brands since they hopped on social media, current mediums are really built to highlight their vital skills.

While Linkedin serves a generation of people that followed a more traditional path into employment, studies have shown that young people largely don’t feel comfortable using it. highlighted by the statistics that 50 per cent of Gen Z have a LinkedIn account, but 96 per cent of them rarely or never engage with the platform after they sign up.

This is where Pineapple’s Career Pals comes in. It’s looking to help candidates directly, giving you one-on-one guidance on how you can level up on your job hunt, all for free.

To get started, all you have to do is sign up and you’ll be matched with one of their team. They’ll give feedback, help you redesign your CV and build your Pineapple Story.

To sign up to Pineapple Career Pals, simply fill out and attach your CV in the form linked here and the guys at Pineapple will be in touch.