General News / January 31, 2020

Premiere: Grubby – Between You and Me Feat. Greg Tisdall

General News / January 31, 2020

Premiere: Grubby – Between You and Me Feat. Greg Tisdall

Distance is nothing to this trio.

Creating a track that hinges on ideas surrounding intimacy while operating in distant countries sounds like a conflicting idea. However, for Grubby, Greg Tisdall and the now Netherlands based Cheesemore it worked a treat.

Featuring swirling synths and subdued vocals, ‘Between You and Me’ reflects on the small, but important moments in the demise of a relationship.

Leaving behind something that was once so perfect, but now is crumbling can be a traumatic experience. However, once initiated it allows you to shed your emotional shackles and grow.


The lyrics reflect this opportunity for growth, with the assured croons of “I don’t miss that person that I was.”

“I feel like myself for the first time in a long time”

On the new track Grubby said, “The creative process for this track was surprisingly easy and pretty fun.”

“Me and Cheesmore were never in the same place for the creation of the beat, as Cheesmore now lives and studies in the Netherlands while I live and work in Dublin city. Although it can be a little bit harder sometimes, Cheesmore leaving for the Netherlands hasn’t really slowed down the creative partnership we have, which began playing live together in Greg Tisdall’s band” he told me

Originally written for featured singer Greg Tisdall, the track became a more collaborative effort after conversations with Grubby and Cheesemore. There’s a healing and therapeutic quality to the record, with the comforting nature of the percussion providing a soft accompaniment to the lo-fi vocals.

Listen to ‘Between You and Me’ below: