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Music / March 24, 2022

Premiere: UNQ is trying to draw new boundaries in ‘In or Out’

Music / March 24, 2022

Premiere: UNQ is trying to draw new boundaries in ‘In or Out’

Words: Dylan Murphy

We’ve got the exclusive first listen of the decisive new cut from UNQ, making her the RnB artist you need to know right now.

For UNQ, the past couple of years have been a process of perfecting her craft, and it shows. Having showcased the kind of melodies that bury themselves deep inside your brain on her debut ‘Tired’, she’s returned with her most complete single to date. ‘In or Out‘ is the London-born, Dublin-raised act at her decisive best. Gliding over production from Solow The Astronaut, who enlisted help from Jafaris on the cut, UNQ is cutting out the noise and taking matters into her own hands.

Showing no signs of insecurity, it’s an anthem for anxious decision makers who need help laying down the law. Ahead of her new track, we caught up with UNQ to talk about the release.

How did the song come together?
I teamed up with my producer Solow The Astronaut & Jafaris to create ‘In or Out‘. The song was actually recorded in my little bedroom studio.

What were the motivations behind the song?
In or Out‘ came from a place of genuine emotions and experiences. The song expresses the point in which a person chooses themselves over the emotional rollercoaster of a romantic relationship, leaving the partner to decide whether they’re permanently in or out. While the song references a romantic relationship, it also pertains to establishing healthy boundaries with yourself and others, irrespective of what type of relationship it is.

In this track and the visualiser, I wanted to display delicacy and vulnerability. In a generation where vulnerability is often mistaken for weakness, I am eager to show that authenticity and vulnerability are actually a sign of strength. I’m a firm believer that you can wear your heart on your sleeve while simultaneously establishing healthy boundaries and putting yourself first. I’m in a place now where boundaries in any capacity is vital In order for me to have real peace and if a person doesn’t respect that then they forfeit their access to my life.

Listen to ‘In or Out’ below:

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