Music / February 15, 2021

Rhythm Roulette is making a comeback

Hit Boy for Rhythm Roulette via Mass Appeal
Music / February 15, 2021

Rhythm Roulette is making a comeback

Words: Dylan Murphy

In a post on Reddit the creator of the iconic show revealed the news.

Yesterday, the creator of Rhythm Roulette took to Reddit to reveal the news that the iconic show would be making its return.

For the uninitiated, Rhythm Roulette sees producers head to record stores and pick records whilst blindfolded. They then head back to the studio and cook up some magic, sampling the records they’d just purchased.

Innovators like 9th Wonder and DJ Jazzy Jeff have tried their hand on the show and in the 2010s it gained a cult following of sorts. To the best of our knowledge, it was discontinued a year ago, but the creator headed online to announce that he was attempting to relaunch the show.

Posting on R/HHH on Reddit, the creator of the series said:

“I’m the creator of Rhythm Roulette and am currently in the process of bringing the series back. I want to know if I bring it onto a platform like Patreon, would you guys support?”

“I created it and produced every episode for the first three years. I left the company for my own personal reasons and I have never been given an answer to why they stopped it. but it is a project I feel has always been beneficial for the culture and I think it should live on. trying my best.”

Fans gave their two cents about the show with many having back and forths about how they’d like to consume the content and support it.

There’s no date in stone for its return, but we’ve already got our wishlist of who we’d like to see. In the meantime watch the iconic episode with 9th Wonder:

You can view the post on reddit here.

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