Music / October 7, 2021

RikShaw and Max Zanga take the initiative in ‘GTM’

Music / October 7, 2021

RikShaw and Max Zanga take the initiative in ‘GTM’

Words: Dylan Murphy

Anomaly Collective crooner RikShaw enlists one half of Tebi Rex for a relentless new track.

Given the nightmare of the past 18 months, it’s sometimes easy to revert back into autopilot. We only have so much processing power and as our little lockdown brains try to recover it’s important to take a break and look after yourself.

However, Anomaly singer and rapper RikShaw is recharged and sounding hungrier than ever after a relatively quiet year. Joining forces with Max Zanga of Tebi Rex, the pair are grabbing the game by the scruff of the neck in a gripping new cut.

GTM’ or “Get The Message”, distills the get up and go of four cups of coffee into a trap anthem that is destined to orchestrate post pandemic mosh pits.

Speaking on the single, RikShaw says, “My latest track GTM features Max Zanga from Tebi Rex. Me and Max Zanga have been planning to work together for some time now and I felt this song was the right one. In terms of direction its a very aggressive in your face rap song and the synergy between both of us is definitely evident throughout. Its got a bit of a UK/US feel to it but we both do our own thing on it as well”.

“Production from Wongy who also went crazy for the beat. This is probably my last song this year and although I’ve had a quiet enough one, next year I have some big plans”.

‘GTM’ comes after three other singles this year from RikShaw and ahead of Tebi Rex’s sophomore album which lands later this month.

Listen to ‘GTM’ below:

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