Entertainment / July 1, 2022

The Internet Reacts to the Stranger Things Finale

Entertainment / July 1, 2022

The Internet Reacts to the Stranger Things Finale

Words: Ciarán Howley

Our favourite spoiler-free tweets in the lead up to Season Four Volume Two.

The second volume of Stranger Things Season 4 has finally landed on Netflix. After Volume 1 ended on a jaw-dropping cliffhanger, fans online became exacerbated by the wait for its return.

The first part arrived on May 27th, and with it the usual pop culture cataclysm a new Stranger Things brings. Several characters died, our favourite ships did not get together (yet!) and, most bizarrely, ‘Running up That Hill’ by Kate Bush went viral, topping the charts in Ireland and internationally. Just another day at the office for the Duffer Brothers. They must get a good kick reappearing every three or four years to ruin our lives, before disappearing yet again.

Set to be a four hour long finale with twists, turns and surprises, the show’s loyal army of ‘Strangers’ have been losing their shit online in response. Today we’re celebrating the drop of the final two episodes with our favourite reactions from the ensuing chaos. 

Netflix Leaves us Hanging

Would you believe Netflix reportedly crashed on the morning of Stranger Things Volume 2? Some stans took to Twitter to share their intense anger at the streaming service. 

Down Detector reported over 9000 complains about the streaming service hitting the deck on the morning of July 1st. It probably had nothing to do with the millions of Stranger Things fans trying to watch the new episodes at the same time.

Which Characters Will Die?

The internet has been rife with speculation about which character will kick the bucket this season. After seven blood-soaked episodes, the Duffer Brothers have warned fans to be afraid. Be very afraid.

With the culmination of Steve’s character arc from bully to himbo king and finally into a strong, selfless leader – all eyes are pointed his way. Many fans are convinced the show has been hinting at metalhead Eddie and Season 3 newcomer Max’s untimely passing this season. And after Volume 1, we’re all well aware no one is safe. Well, maybe Eleven. Or maybe not! 


Noah Schnapp who plays Will even got in on the fun. 

Millie Bobby Brown 

If you’ve ventured down the more cursed avenues of Twitter or Tiktok, you’ve undoubtedly come across memes about Millie Bobby Brown and the LGBTQ community. They depict Brown as something of an assassin, and her pink lamborghini is her weapon of choice.

In the weirdest, Gen-Z, Tik-Tok-rotted-humour, these memes come from a bizarre place of love, and they’ve only gotten worse during Season 4.


No one believes the actor is homophobic, and it’s a meme that has proved to be quite problematic. But we do believe the producers knew exactly what they were doing with this moment:

Truly proving the internet is a scary place with lots of people who need help.

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 hits Netflix today.

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