Music / July 15, 2022

The Last Seven Days Belong to Frank Ocean

Music / July 15, 2022

The Last Seven Days Belong to Frank Ocean

Words: Ciarán Howley

Image: @blonded.

Save for Met Gala cameos and scattered deep cuts, the six years since Blonde’s release have been quiet for Frank Ocean. This week, he made up it in seven short days, gifting listeners with a new radio show and more.

Monday Channel Orange Turns Ten

Hard to believe, but Frank Ocean’s debut album Channel Orange turned ten on July 10 this year. Although mixtape Nostalgia Ultra marked as his first full-length project, the album propelled Ocean into the mainstream. A decade on, tracks like ‘Thinkin ‘Bout You‘, ‘Pyramids‘ and ‘Forrest Gump‘ stand up, particularly the latter as a coming out anthem of sorts.

Ocean made waves for publishing his coming-out letter on Tumblr not long before the album’s release, inducing a wave of support from industry titans like Jay-Z, Beyoncé and more. A monumental moment that has bridged a path for queer artists coming up in the industry.

Blonded Radio

On the same day of Channel Orange’s anniversary, Ocean dropped two new episodes of Blonded Radio. Ocean fans will recall the infrequent episode drops, as they are often accompanied with new music.

Entitled ‘Blonded Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ and ‘Blonded Energy!’, the chats see Ocean discuss micro-dosing on LSD and Chinese meditative practice Qigong, with guests Dr James Fadiman and Master Mingtong Gu. The new tracks form the score featured throughout the conversations, and can be heard on Apple Music.

New Merch

Fans were also treated to some new merch to celebrate the ten years since Ocean’s first album. T-shirts and posters bearing familiar Ocean-ic emblems, like the Blonded Radio logo were made available. You can find some available online still but be quick, they’re going like hot cakes.

Wednesday A Dash Through L.A.X

A few days went by with no word from Ocean. Fans let out a familiar sigh. Frank had returned to the abyss, so to speak.

And then, bizarrely, Ocean was caught high-tailing it through Los Angeles International Airport. The singer was hounded by paparazzi from TMZ, donning a wig potentially to conceal his identity. It’s not the first time Frank has donned a headpiece, having cosplayed as Margot Tenenbaum, from Wes Anderson’s kitschy comedy The Royal Tenenbaums.

Thursday New Jewels from Homer

This brings us up to speed with Thursday, where Frank unveiled new pieces from his jewelry label ‘Homer.’ With a Lego-inspired campaign to boot, the brand released the ‘Weezy’ and ‘Dolly’ pendants going for a, ahem, mere 1200 euro. The new campaign is entitled ‘When a Dog Comes to Stay’ with a new promotional video released alongside.

Depicting pixelated canine in shades of clover green, soba purple, chet blue, canary yellow, cadmium red and nude white, the pendants are made from recycled sterling silver and suspended from a diamond cut trace chain.

What Does it Mean?

The worst case scenario answer; potentially nothing. The optimist’s answer? Ocean’s sudden reanimation and heightened visibility could mean a brand new full-length project on the way. And he is rumoured to play at Coachella next year, an indicator he’ll have new tunes to premiere. Alternatively, a potential announcement about the rumoured film he has lined up with A24 could be coming.

Honestly, we’ll take whatever Ocean gives us. And we’ll like it. But a new album would be unreal.

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