Music / July 7, 2023

These Artists Are Playing 32 Counties in 32 Days

Image Credit: The All Ireland Tour
Music / July 7, 2023

These Artists Are Playing 32 Counties in 32 Days

Words: Dray Morgan

Three artists are playing 32 shows, covering the entirety of Ireland, in just as many days.

On 15 August, The All Ireland Tour will commence and sees Isaac Jones, Henry Earnest and Passersby, play a series of 32 shows, across all counties.

Starting in Wicklow, the artists will be performing daily, reaching every corner of the country and finishing in Dublin on 15 September.

Each evening will display the range of soundscapes, from the ethereal and electronic to acoustic and cathartic.

Isaac Jones is ending his three-year hiatus with the most comprehensive Irish tour seen yet. His latest single ‘UDEK’ sees a pivot from his pre-pandemic era sound. His new work delves into a more distorted style with elements of hyperpop, welcoming a change of era from his former acoustic works.

Passersby merges the melancholy with the hopeful. His delicate sound evokes a sense of introspection. His project ALWAYS is a perfect example of this, with remnants of Sufjan Stevens.

Henry Earnest’s Dream River sees avante-grade hyperpop and abstract acoustic performances. With four years between Dream River and Henry’s previous project, this tour is once again a platform to explore ambient and experimental atmospheres and styles.

The All Ireland Tour is independently funded, with all artists performing unreleased music available here on Bandcamp.

The tour commences from 15 August-15 September, with individual tickets being sold online as well as a 32 euro pass to all shows which is available to purchase here.

You can catch The All Ireland Tour in the following counties on the following dates:

Wicklow 15/08
Wexford 16/08
Waterford 17/08
Offaly 18/08
Clare 19/08
Galway 20/08
Tipperary 21/08
Kilkenny 22/08
Carlow 23/08
Laois 24/08
Limerick 25/08
Cork 26/08
Kerry 27/08
Mayo 28/08
Roscommon 29/08
Westmeath 30/08

Longford 31/08
Cavan 1/09
Monaghan 2/09
Leitrim 3/09
Sligo 4/09
Fermanagh 5/09
Tyrone 6/09
Donegal 7/09
Derry 8/09
Antrim 9/09
Down 10/09
Armagh 11/09
Louth 12/09
Meath 13/09
Kildare 14/09
Dublin 15/09

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