Art and Design / May 30, 2023

This Warehouse Is Being Transformed By Artists In A Live Exhibition

Image Credit: James Kirwin
Art and Design / May 30, 2023

This Warehouse Is Being Transformed By Artists In A Live Exhibition

Words: Dray Morgan

The multidisciplinary art exhibition will be set to open on 10 June in Phase, Rathgar, welcoming over 20 artists from Ireland and further afield to display an array of artworks and transforming the creative space.

The ‘Streets of Dublin’ art exhibition launches on June 10, featuring live mural paintings, laser shows and more at Phase in Dublin 6, as a range of creatives come together to further develop what was once a derelict structure.

There are currently 23 artists from different disciplines who are set to create in Phase in June, with more to be added. It is an opportunity to see a creative space in its infancy, being transformed before the public’s eyes through international collaboration.

The message at the forefront of this area is cooperation. ‘Streets of Dublin’ encapsulates the ethos of Phase, bringing together artists from various corner of the creative world to produce a unique experience.

As well as harbouring a place for creative liberation and collaboration, Phase also serves the purpose of keeping its local area flourishing. The space has given a former idle warehouse a new lease of life. Artists took it upon themselves to transform the former derelict space into an area that not only displays art, but has the facilities to create it.

Phase is a platform for alternative forms of artistry as well as alternative canvas spaces. The building itself is the space for art to be created upon. The transformation of the area is continuously developing with a dynamic experience throughout the eleven hours of performance.

Artists such as Spaik will be travelling from Mexico to host a live painting of the space’s front wall. His artwork has taken him worldwide, with his vibrant murals decorating walls in Italy, France, Portugal and even people’s bodies. His work has key elements of the definitive Mexican artesanía style which will be brought to Dublin.

James Kirwin’s art is also widespread throughout Dublin’s cityscape and deeper in the country. Taking inspiration from the local communities where his murals stand, his pieces have lit up garden walls, bridges, buildings and homes in various counties in the country.

Streets of Dublin comes after a fruitful first few months, showcasing alternative Irish art such as the efforts of visual artists and singer-songwriter Rhob Cunningham. Visual displays were created to accompany Rhob’s folky sound.

This exhibition reinforces Phase’s position as one of Dublin’s most important cutting edge exhibition centres.

Find out more about ‘Streets of Dublin’ here

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