Music / August 24, 2022

Uly Drops New Single ‘Fishing’

Music / August 24, 2022

Uly Drops New Single ‘Fishing’

Ciarán Howley

After having his music featured in two hit Sally Rooney adaptations and a set at Altogether Now, Uly has released new music.

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Uly has dropped his brand new single ‘Fishing’, a slow jam blending pop, soul and R&B. 

While the artist boasts the nostalgic production he’s known for on songs like ‘Cold Water’ Uly took a more personal tack for ‘Fishing’ and questions the concept of soulmates. 

“‘Fishing’ turned into a conversation with myself exploring my own thoughts on love as a concept – and by extension, the idea of the one. Is there such a thing as that? Or are there many ‘ones’? What does love look like for me – and finally, what do I want?”

Uly, also known by Rafino Murphy’s, path to becoming a musician wasn’t a straight-forward one. The artist studied astrophysics before working as an assistant in a lab in Okinawa before following his childhood ambitions to make music.

Despite the mellow tone and big brass, Uly is posing some bigger questions about human relationships and desires, something that sets him apart as a new and emerging artist. Since then he’s gone on to have his song ‘redlight’ featured in Normal People and Conversations with Friends. 

Have a listen below.

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