Art and Design / May 16, 2022

Van Gogh RDS reveals ‘real life’ imagery for the first time

Art and Design / May 16, 2022

Van Gogh RDS reveals ‘real life’ imagery for the first time

Words: Eva O’Beirne

The world premiere of ‘Van Gogh Dublin – An Immersive Journey’ will take place today in Dublin’s RDS. Ahead of opening its doors to the public, Irish company Theatre of Light have revealed what the inside of the exhibition will look like.

The 20,000 square foot, 360-degree multi-sensory experience surrounds you in Van Gogh’s most famous works. However, it goes far beyond this, as artificial intelligence and advanced digital technologies bring Van Gogh’s masterpieces to life all around you, and even predict how they evolve and transform over time.

This is the world premiere of this specific Van Gogh immersive art experience, due to how it interprets Van Gogh’s paintings in new ways and through new technologies.

Speaking about today’s opening, Theatre of Light Co-Founder Daniel Gleeson said: “Theatre of Light has been working on bringing an immersive art experience to Ireland for three years now, so we are just so excited to finally be opening our doors in the RDS today to the public.”

“As much as art lovers will love this experience, it really is something new, exciting and different to do in Dublin for everyone. From toddlers to grandparents, this is an experience for all ages and interests.”

Visitors will also get to experience two other multi-sensory, contemporary pieces of digital artwork, These other award-winning experiences take the visitor on a journey beyond Van Gogh, to the evolution of Art, Science and Light.

The exhibition is split into four parts: Van Gogh – An Immersive Journey, Everything, Journey – A Photon’s Journey in the Eye and the Infinity Room.

Van Gogh’s artworks and life are transformed through audio-visual storytelling in four parts, with digital interpretations and futuristic predictions of what could have been. The journey starts by diving into his subconsciousness and then the early years of his career.

The exhibition chases the sun with him to the South of France, where he paints many of his signature works. His poor mental health leads the exhibiton to his hospital room in saint Rémy, where he recreates endless vistas through his confinement window.

Through his eyes, paintings turn into living sceneries and futuristic 3D environments. Finally, A.I. analyses over 2,000 Van Gogh artworks, and generates imagery in his style with high-dimensional algorithms and neural networks.

Tickets are available now at Adult tickets are 28.14 euro, concession tickets are 25.94 euro and children 12 and under are 17.19 euro.

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