Music / July 20, 2022

Watch brawni perform ‘Amber’ live from a cliff in Tenerife

Music / July 20, 2022

Watch brawni perform ‘Amber’ live from a cliff in Tenerife

Words: Dylan Murphy

Limerick party starters Cabal continue their label launch with another globetrotting live performance.

By this point, you’re probably familiar with Cabal. They’re the crew from Limerick that have invited acts ranging from Kojaque to Holly Lester and Cromby to grace their nights. Having been in the game since 2017, it’s not surprising they’ve made steps to create their own label. The debut release from the new outlet comes courtesy of brawni and the project has been teased with a number of live performances across the world from the producer.

A keen traveller that works in the television industry, it was a no-brainer for the Irish producer to marry his passions together for his new release. Previous videos from Lanzarote, Lisbon and Blessington Lakes and as brawni explains, he doesn’t want to overthink things too much, “The name brawni comes from the saying brains over brawns… This music is more “brawns over brains. It’s literally just my physical will to make music and make it for the sake of it rather than thinking of a concept behind it.” 

Continuing he tries to put into words why he creates the modular, DIY videos in different cities.

“That’s something I ask myself before every shoot”, he says. “A lot of favours have been asked of people and a lot of time dedicated to creating something that may or may not work out in the end. I guess I’m doing it because it’s a combination of all of the things I love: performing music, shooting videos, seeing beautiful locations and going on a bit of an adventure with friends.”

With a release arriving every month in a different ,location in the lead up to the full project the Cabal crew are setting the benchmark.

“I hope people take a few things from these videos”, he says. “I hope it inspires people to get out there and explore the world around them. There’s so many beautiful places to see, even just around the corner from where you live. If you want to do some bat shit crazy shit like this you can figure it out. You just need to make sure you can get yourself around the right people that can help you achieve these things. Then anything is possible.”

Watch the video for ‘Amber’ below:

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